I would say I was an avid reader of crime, horror, supernatural and psychological books. I’m a hard working mum to 3 young adults (not kids any more), who incidentally still think we are the bank of mum and dad, but is that not always the case. I love my two daft dogs Jett and Poppy who are labradoodles, but my cat Fudge is always going to be my baby. Well last but not least I better mention my hubby, don’t want to him to feel left out, the man who keeps me grounded.

You may wonder why I started blogging about books, I use it as a way to release a multitude of emotions, to try and keep my sanity, also I find it a great way of contributing back to authors, many of whom I class as friends. I love to read authors old and new, my view is that every author deserves a chance to shine.

Most of all a book is my opportunity to leave the daily grind behind and immerse myself into someone else’s reality.

The possibilities are endless while reading, firing up my imagination, living the dream, all while sitting curled up on sofa with the cat on my lap and a coffee in my hand.
Is that not what you would call Pure Bliss.