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#BlogTour: MISSING PIECES by LAURA PEARSON #family #tragedy #grief #mistakes @AgoraBooksLDN| @PFDAgents | Facebook |@LauraPAuthor

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Title: Missing Pieces

Author: Laura Pearson

Release Date: 21st June 2018

Available to Buy: Amazon UKAmazon USKobo

Book Synopsis

‘A stunningly assured debut that explores the ripples of a terrible family tragedy on the surviving fragile members. Beautifully written and surprisingly life-affirming.’ — Sarah Pinborough

What if the one thing that kept you together was breaking you apart?

All Linda wants to do is sleep. She won’t look at her husband. She can’t stand her daughter. And she doesn’t want to have this baby. Having this baby means moving on, and she just wants to go back to before. Before their family was torn apart, before the blame was placed.

Alienated by their own guilt and struggling to cope, the Sadler family unravels. They grow up, grow apart, never talking about their terrible secret.

That is until Linda’s daughter finds out she’s pregnant. Before she brings another Sadler into the world, Bea needs to know what happened twenty-five years ago. What did they keep from her? What happened that couldn’t be fixed?

A devastating mistake, a lifetime of consequences. How can you repair something broken if pieces are missing?

‘I’ve not stopped thinking about Missing Pieces… it’s such a good book. Heartbreaking and hopeful.’ — Amanda Berriman

‘A gripping, devastating, heart-stealing read.’ — Tamsin Grey

‘A convincing, patient portrait of loss – beautifully written.’ — Fiona Mitchell

‘Elegant, honest and breathtakingly beautiful, Missing Pieces is an impressive and raw portrayal of how one tragedy affects an entire family.’ — Christina McDonald

Advance Reviews:

‘I couldn’t put it down.’ — Betsy, bookreviewsbybetsy

‘It had me totally gripped throughout.’ — Shirley, NetGalley Reviewer

‘The writing is delicate and honest.’ — Hannah, Working Life

‘Utterly mesmerising and emotional.’ — Christina, NetGalley Reviewer

‘The writing in the book was real and true.’ — Patty, Books, Thoughts, and Adventures

‘I loved this book… Heart-wrenching to read, but beautiful.’ — Johanna, NetGalley Reviewer

‘All the elements of a good drama, with a twist…. The author has left me wanting more.’ — Marissa, NetGalley Reviewer

‘Emotionally raw; breathtakingly beautiful… A book you won’t soon forget.’ — LeTresa, NetGalley Reviewer

‘I would put Laura in the same category as Jodi Picoult, she’s just that good… an author to watch.’ — Audrelyn, NetGalley Reviewer

‘A beautifully crafted debut novel.’ — Rachael, Smart Lit Reviews

‘One of the most moving books of the year.’ — Lucille, NetGalley Reviewer

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Missing Pieces is an emotionally raw debut by Laura Pearson. Be prepared for your heart strings to be stretched to their limit, Laura delves into the aftermath of an unfortunate accident which results in the death of a child, the grief, the destruction of the family dynamics and the sense of guilt all borne by each surviving family member.

Laura has written sensitively about tough subjects, the death of a child, mental health, suicide, an extra marital affair all encompassing the intense grief which will either pull a family together or shatter the very foundations, all because of a split second decision.

A family of four become three, Phoebe the youngest child of Linda and Tom Sadler, sister to Esme has died in a tragic accident, Linda is pregnant with their third child and due to stress, grief and anxiety Bea is born prematurely. A newborn, a child’s death, and the one daughter left behind, no one talks, Phoebe is gone, Linda is disconnected, Esme is withdrawn and Tom is struggling.

A fractured family, Missing Pieces. Piece by piece the walls crumble and fall but the passing of time heals the rifts, the Missing Pieces connect, each learns to forgive but never to forget. 

The narrative and characters flowed with ease, each persona was brought forth in a vivid picture in my mind allowing me to feel the sense of raw emotion. I felt as if I walked hand in hand with them, shrouded in their lives, seeing what they could see, thinking what they were thought, re-living their past, involved in their present and looking to their future.

Laura dealt me a blow straight through the heart with Missing Pieces, I fumbled through pages, blinded by tears, hoping and praying the family could forgive themselves, re-connect and accept that the split second decisions they each made were just that, a fleeting thought, an unintentional act.

A debut which will draw empathy to the fore front, influence your behaviour, thoughts and leave you in a puddle of tears.

My thanks go to Lucy Irvine, Laura Pearson and Agora Books for the advanced readers copy of Missing Pieces, it was a delight to be able to read Laura’s debut and be part of the Blog Tour. This review is my personal, honest and unbiased opinion on Missing Pieces. I look forward to reading many more books from Laura and I wish you all the best in your future writings.

laura pearson

Author Bio

Laura Pearson lives in Leicestershire with her husband and their two children. Missing Pieces is her first novel.

How about a wee peak at what Compulsive Readers wrote after A Quickie With Laura Pearson

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#BlogBlitz: THIS LITTLE PIGGY by ROB ASHMAN #SerialKiller #Thriller

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#BlogBlitz: THIS LITTLE PIGGY by ROB ASHMAN #SerialKiller #Thriller @Bloodhoundbook @RobAshmanAuthor @sarahhardy681

Rob Ashman - This Little Piggy_cover

Title: This Little Piggy (DI Rosalind Kray Series Book 2)

Author: Rob Ashman

Publisher: BloodHound Books

Release Date: 19th June 2018

Available to Buy: Amazon UKAmazon USWaterstones

Book Synopsis

Kevin Palmer is a regular sort of guy, or he was until his life fell apart. His wife, his money, his business and his reputation are all taken away from him. He tries to fight back and ends up in prison.

There he concocts elaborate fantasies to wreak vengeance. He is sent to work in an abattoir and the final piece of the jigsaw falls into place with chilling consequences. Then a cruel twist of fate changes everything.

DI Rosalind Kray is battling her own demons having returned to work following a brutal attack. She finds herself on the trail of a sick and twisted killer and cracks the macabre pattern of murders. But her boss is unconvinced.

Kray has Palmer squarely in her sights. But he has other ideas …

Can Kray break him in time to save the final victim?

Time is running out.


Now seriously if you think Rob Ashman’s newest book from his trilogy is about lovely pink piggy’s with curly tails, you are so going to be disappointed, on the other hand if your looking for the ultimate make you squeal plotline then this it, Rob Ashman certainly made me squeal over and over again.

This Little Piggy is the second book in a trilogy that Rob Ashman has written surrounding DI Rosalind Kray. The first book Faceless was a major hit with myself and many other readers. This Little Piggy has quadrupled my intense satisfaction for a high octane story which delves deep inside my very imagination, routing around snorting, squealing with fierce determination that This Little Piggy isn’t going to make me squeal all the way home…….

A family man who has lost everything, seeking vengeance upon persons who have wronged him, Kevin Palmer, a man with a dark disturbing side with high intellect, conspires to lead DI Roz Kray a merry dance, the answers in plain sight but forever reaching beyond her grasp.

A body is found, its the beginning, the start of a gruesome ride, a toe is missing, a nursery rhyme…………..would you ever want to play the game again.

This Little Piggy is narrated from the view points of DI Roz Kray and the killer, Kevin Palmer, running alongside each other in equal measures, a game of tug of war, an absolutely spell binding, heart crunching, adrenaline filled plot which with every scenario falls deeper and deeper into the darkness.

I loved the way Rob seemed to pit the wits of Roz and Kevin against each other it was a game of cat and mouse, ever changing, flitting between each other with Kevin taunting Roz, trying to fool Roz into believing he wasn’t complicit with any of the murders he was a victim, he is being set up… What Kevin doesn’t seem to realise is that Roz is like a dog with a bone, gnawing away at the evidence, looking, examining, finding……..

This Little Piggy Cried Wee, Wee, Wee ….All The Way Home

For an exhilarating, fast paced, insatiable desire that This Little Piggy creates with a rapid succession of page turning, no pause for breath, times ticking, brakes on……….This Little Piggy finished, sigh, breathe and OMG my brain is defunked.

Many thanks go to Bloodhound Books, Rob Ashman and Sarah Hardy for the opportunity to read and review This Little Piggy for my spot on the Blog Blitz, all points of view are my own and are completely unbiased. Thanks Sarah sign me up for the next…

this little piggy author pic

Author Bio

Rob is married to Karen with two grown up daughters. He is originally from South Wales and after moving around with work settled in North Lincolnshire where he’s spent the last twenty-two years.

Like all good welsh valley boys Rob worked for the National Coal Board after leaving school at sixteen and went to University at the tender age of twenty-three when the pit closures began to bite. Since then he’s worked in a variety of manufacturing and consulting roles both in the UK and abroad.

It took Rob twenty-four years to write his first book. He only became serious about writing it when his dad got cancer. It was an aggressive illness and Rob gave up work for three months to look after him and his mum. Writing Those That Remain became his coping mechanism. After he wrote the book his family encouraged him to continue, so not being one for half measures, Rob got himself made redundant, went self-employed so he could devote more time to writing and four years later the Mechanic Trilogy is the result.

When he is not writing, Rob is a frustrated chef with a liking for beer and prosecco, and is known for occasional outbreaks of dancing.

Rob published the Mechanic Trilogy with Bloodhound Books in 2017 and will be releasing three new books during 2018. These are titled: Faceless, This Little Piggy and Suspended Retribution.


Twitter: @RobAshmanAuthor
Facebook: https://www. facebook.com/Rob-Ashman- Author-1428800800468097/
Website: http://robashman.com/






#BlogTour: NOBODY’S CHILD by VICTORIA JENKINS #crime #thriller

Nobody's Child - Blog Tour

#BlogTour: NOBODY’S CHILD by VICTORIA JENKINS #crime #thriller @bookouture @vicwritescrime @nholten40

Well its my pleasure to be opening the Blog Tour today with Novel Deelights for Victoria Jenkins newest crime thriller Nobody’s Child, the 3rd instalment in the Detectives King & Lane series, holy molly its a humdinger of a read.


Title: Nobody’s Child

Author: Victoria Jenkins

Available to Buy: Amazon UKAmazon USKobo

Book Description

An absolutely gripping mystery thriller with a jaw-dropping twist. This book will hook you from page one and keep you reading ‘just one more chapter’ late into the night.

On a damp October day, a body is found in an abandoned hospital, too burnt to be identified, but Detective Alex King knows that every victim is someone’s daughter or son.

Pushing aside her own troubles, Alex puts everything into finding the killer, but when someone else is found dead, she begins to suspect that the body in the hospital was just the first of many.

Just as Alex uncovers a heart-breaking link between the victims, she finds her own safety under threat. Is this a figure from her past hell-bent on revenge, or could the murderer be even nearer than she thinks?

Alex is running out of time. Can she catch the killer before they take another life, or will they get to her first?

A completely unputdownable detective thriller that will keep you up all night. Readers of Robert Bryndza, Karin Slaughter and Angela Marsons will love this.


Nobody’s Child by Victoria Jenkins another instalment in the Detectives King & Lane, Book No.3. I’ve read the first 2 books by Victoria and never thought the series could get any better but boy was I wrong, Nobody’s Child is even more a flawless thriller which will have you hanging off ever page, how do you do it Victoria…

Opening Nobody’s Child we are swamped with the horror and intense crime of the discovery of the body of a man burned to death in an old abandoned hospital, King has her work cut out for her trying to identify the man. Someone has to be missing him, someone must know who he is, identification is going to take time, time King may not have as another body is discovered, are there more to come, is there a serial killer on the loose.

The common denominator between each victim becomes imperative, finding the link, will it capture the killer, King and her team, trawl through many aspects, doubling back, coming full circle, the trail becomes a tangle of deception, lies and secrets.

Follow the path, turn here, turn there, look right, look left, the barricades building higher and higher, just when I think I’m at a loss and I don’t know which clue to follow a chink of light, a spark pulls me in a different direction and the chase begins again.

King has troubles of her own, is the past coming back, King tries to concentrate on the case but someone wants Alex, are they trying to harm Alex or worse still……

You know I’m actually still sitting here looking at the cover and I’m in awe at how captivating it is, its certainly true that a picture tells a thousand words, in Victoria’s case the cover tells the story of crime, suspense and also in a heinous way beauty, open the cover, turn the pages and find your words.

Okay there was no kiss and tell for Nobody’s Child its an absolute must to read yourself, go on grab yourself a copy, it could be reads as a standalone but why would you want to, grab the series and enjoy.

Thanks to Bookouture, Victoria Jenkins and Noelle Holten for the chance to read and review an advanced readers copy of Nobody’s Child. It is a pleasure to be part of the Blog Tour, thanks Noelle x.

Victoria Jenkins Author Photo

Author Bio

Victoria Jenkins lives with her husband and daughter in South Wales, where her series of crime novels featuring Detectives King and Lane is based. Her debut novel The Girls in the Water is an Amazon UK top 30 bestseller, and top 5 bestseller in the Amazon US chart.

The third book in the King and Lane series, Nobody’s Child, is out now!

Author Links:


#BlogBlitz: FOLLOW ME HOME by D.K. HOOD #crimethriller

Follow Me Home - Blog tour

#BlogBlitz: FOLLOW ME HOME by D.K. HOOD #crimethriller @bookouture @DKHood_Author @nholten40


Title: Follow Me Home

Author: D.K. Hood

Available Here: Amazon UKAmazon US

Book Synopsis

‘Don’t you agree Detective? That some people deserve to die? I’ve killed the first. I’ve killed the second. Now will you catch the others, or do I have to kill them too?’

The body of Amos Price lies in a pool of blood on the polished floor of an otherwise empty house. With no signs of a break in, and no clues left at the scene, Detective Jenna Alton is at a loss.

But as the team begins to unpick the life of the reclusive victim, they discover a disturbing link between Amos and the disappearance of several young girls in the county going back years.

Days later, another brutally murdered body is found, in a remote motel on the outskirts of town. Ely Dorsey was killed in a frenzied attack and Jenna fears not only that the murders are connected to the missing girls, but that the killer hasn’t finished yet.

As Jenna tries to work out who will be next, the killer suddenly starts sending her deputy, David Kane, messages. Is she being taunted? Or does the murderer want to be caught? And will Jenna discover who’s behind these killings before more people die?

An absolutely nail-biting thriller with plenty of twists, Follow Me Home is perfect for fans of Robert Dugoni, Karin Slaughter and Rachel Abbott.


Follow Me Home, a nice new shiny book. D.K. Hood has certainly done us proud with the third instalment in the series surrounding Detective Jenna Alton and Dave Kane, its my pleasure to award 5 massive stars, a phenomenal read which will certainly having me coming back for more.

When’s the next D.K…………..not that I’m rushing you or anything!

Opening the first pages, the haunting scenario which envelops the full plotline is a stark reminder of a society that we live in, a tough subject to read but a key element to Follow Me Home, D.K. Hood has not overly dramatized this but has written it as tastefully as possible.

Alton and Kane are called upon to investigate the brutal murder of a man, Amos Price, no signs of forced entry and the house is desolate of furniture, why was Amos there, who wanted him dead. Loads of questions but devoid of answers another body is found.

Alton has her work cut out for her trying to link the pieces together before another person is killed. Searching the past life of Amos, it comes as a revelation that Amos was involved in the case surrounding some missing girls several years earlier. What’s the connection between him and the other murder victim, can Alton prevent any more deaths and bring the killer to justice.

Meanwhile Kane has started to receive messages from the killer are they taunting them or is it just Alton they want to get a rise out of, do they want caught or is there another piece to the puzzle, are they being tested. Does the killer want justice or just to kill..

So many questions D.K., you had me burling around and around, my brain is like a spinning top, the push, the pull, the intensity so insane but a real good insane, Follow Me Home fulfilled all my thirst for a great criminal thriller.

All my thanks to Bookouture, D.K. Hood and Noelle Holten for the opportunity to read an advanced readers copy of Follow Me Home, all the opinions about this book are my own. Hope you all reach out and grab a copy, the Alton and Kane series is phenomenal, don’t just take my word for it, look at the other bloggers reviews and you’ll see what I mean.

follow me home New DK Hood picture

Author Bio

I’ve always had a wicked sense of humour and was the kid who told the ghost stories around the campfire. I am lucky to have family all over the world and have spent many vacations in places from Paris France to Montana USA and Australia. I use the wonderful memories from these visits to enhance my stories.

My interest in the development of forensic science to solve crime goes back many years. I enjoy writing crime, mystery and thrillers. With many stories, waiting for me to write I’ll look forward to sharing many spine-tingling stories with you.

D.K. Hood is an active member of International Thriller Writers.

Author Social Media Links:
Website: www.dkhood.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/dkhoodauthor/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/DKHood_Author






cover reveal

Well, Well, Well Barbara Copperthwaite has a brand spanking new book in the pipework The Perfect Friend, a fantastic psychological thriller, and I have the pleasure of unveiling the cover and book description. So are we all up for it. Lets go then……….

Book Description

She’ll do anything for you…

My name is Alex, and my world has been shattered.
My husband has left me.
My children won’t speak to me.
My friend Carrie is the only person I have.
She’s the only one I can trust to keep all my secrets.
She’d never do anything to let me down.
Would she?

This dark, gripping psychological thriller will have you holding your breath until the very last page. Fans of Behind Closed Doors, Sometimes I Lie, and The Girl on the Train will be captivated.

Available for pre-order out 5th of July: Amazon UKAmazon US

I mean who wouldn’t want to pre-order Barbara Copperthwaite’s newest book it sounds utterly amazing and I’m sure its going to grab everyone’s attention. I have know doubt that The Perfect Friend will be one of my top books for 2018, that’s how much faith I have in Barbara’s imaginative writing.

cover reveal curtain

Okay I better stop waffling, I’ve given you a look at the book description now its time to reveal the cover……. drum roll please

the perfect friend cover

Whoop Whoop damn its amazing, just love the cracked yellow glass and the red highlight in “She’ll do anything for you” holy molly it fires danger straight into your imagination, I mean what is Barbara portraying with this sentence, is there going to be ‘tea and cake ‘ or is my ‘skin going to crawl’, WoW I can’t wait to find out.

barbarsa copperthwaite

Lets have a look at Barbara herself, after all we have had a look at the book, the cover now I think its about time to look at the woman behind The Perfect Friend, here’s a little piece about Barbara.

Author Bio

Barbara is the Amazon and USA Today bestselling author of psychological thrillers INVISIBLE, FLOWERS FOR THE DEAD, THE DARKEST LIES, and HER LAST SECRET. Her latest book is THE PERFECT FRIEND.

More importantly, she loves cakes, wildlife photography and, last but definitely not least, her two dogs, Scamp and Buddy (who force her to throw tennis balls for them for hours).
Having spent over twenty years as a national newspaper and magazine journalist, Barbara has interviewed the real victims of crime – and also those who have carried those crimes out. She is fascinated by creating realistic, complex characters, and taking them apart before the readers’ eyes in order to discover just how much it takes to push a person over a line.

When not writing feverishly, she is often found hiding behind a camera, taking wildlife photographs.

To find out more about Barbara’s novels, go to www.facebook.com/AuthorBarbaraCopperthwaite or follow @BCopperthwait on Twitter. To find out more about Barbara go to www.barbaracopperthwaite.com



#BlogTour: TH1RT3EN by STEVE CAVANAGH #thriller #thatbookthathook


#BlogTour: TH1RT3EN by STEVE CAVANAGH @orion_crime @SSCav @Lauren_BooksPR @Tr4cyF3nt0n #thirteen #thriller #thatbookthathook

What an amazing Blog Tour 20 days and 40 Bloggers for Steve Cavanagh’s newest book Th1rt3en, Wowsers its beyond my comprehension how nobody couldn’t love it, I mean look 40 Bloggers that’s saying something, half way through and we are all ringing that bell, music to my ears, without a doubt to me got to be a best seller.

thirteen cover

Book Synopsis

To your knowledge, is there anything that would preclude you from serving on this jury?’

Murder wasn’t the hard part. It was just the start of the game.

Joshua Kane has been preparing for this moment his whole life. He’s done it before. But this is the big one.

This is the murder trial of the century. And Kane has killed to get the best seat in the house.

But there’s someone on his tail. Someone who suspects that the killer isn’t the man on trial.

Kane knows time is running out – he just needs to get to the conviction without being discovered.

Available to Buy

Amazon UKAmazon US / Kobo


Does someone want to slap my hands, I’ve been ever such a naughty reader, Steve Cavanagh books, I’ve never lifted one to read……….runs off to hide, but seriously I haven’t, more fool me, I have missed out on so much. Okay so I’ve read out of sequence, I know, I know very bad, but there was no way I was letting Th1rt3n pass me by, the Cover grabbed my attention, that tagline, that was me front an centre waiting for the book to download to my kindle. Nothing was going to stop me….

The serial killer isn’t on trial


Really look that tagline its such a sucker punch, there was no way I was backing away from this one, who could……..Right lets get on with it, no more fooling around.

Th1rt3n by Steve Cavanagh is book #4 in the Eddie Flynn series and could be read as a standalone, but I think in my opinion I urge you to read the previous books to get the full comprehension of who Eddie Flynn is and how he got to this point. Yes I read out of sync and it didn’t detract from my enjoyment of the book, so now I have laid claim to go and purchase the rest of the series. I want to know all about Eddie Flynn.

A high octane murder trial, a con-man turned defence lawyer, a Hollywood actor Robert Solomon stands accused of murdering his head of security and his wife, then there’s the sting in the tale the killer is amongst them….. he’s on the Jury, what the hell yip you read that right, an instant grab you scenario. Its not unusual for a writer to parade the killer hidden in plain sight, but hidden within the Jury what a genius.

A battle between two ensues, Eddie Flynn and Joshua Kane, who will prevail will Eddie discovery the identity of the serial killer before Robert becomes another of Kane’s innocents who languish in prison or will Kane fulfil his game and defeat the justice system once again.

I really liked Eddie he seemed strangely charismatic but also is a shell of his previous self, he has lost his marriage and maybe his daughter, he has developed a drink problem and seems to land himself in endless trouble even if its not his fault, think I have a penchant for the Bad Boy turned Good. Kane on the other hand is volatile, emotionless, and has a perception that dreams and ambitions are not worthy to some, therefore they must suffer the consequences as he has done.

Steve has written Th1rt3n with a certain fluidity, the narrative flows seamlessly, trouncing my very beliefs at times that I knew which one of the Jury members was the killer, but no Steve you have to go and stick another resounding distorted scenario in my path, I gasp then I carry on.

The finality of the book came all too soon for me, I wanted to keep myself from the ending, I was thoroughly immersed in the whole plotline and I didn’t want there to be a final page……. although I’m finished with Th1rt3n, my journey with Eddie Flynn and Steve Cavanagh has only just begun…….

My thanks go to Orion Crime Books, Steve Cavanagh, Lauren at Orion and Tracy Fenton for the advanced readers copy of Th1rt3n in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.

steve cavanagh

Author Bio

Steve Cavanagh was born and raised in Belfast before leaving for Dublin at the age of eighteen to study Law. He currently practices civil rights law and has been involved in several high profile cases. Selected for the Amazon Rising Stars programme 2015. ACES award winner 2015 from the Arts Council of Northern Ireland. The Defence is his debut novel.

Follow Steve Cavanagh here:

Website: http://stevecavanaghbooks.com/steve-cavanagh/

Twitter: @SSCav



#BlogBlitz: NOW SHE’S GONE by ALISON JAMES (Detective Rachel Prince #2)

Now She's Gone - Blog Tour#BlogBlitz: NOW SHE’S GONE by ALISON JAMES (Detective Rachel Prince #2) @bookouture @AlisonJbooks @nholten40


Title: Now She’s Gone

Author: Alison James

Publisher: Bookouture

Buy: Amazon UKAmazon US

Book Synopsis

She took a mouthful of the sweet liquid and started to feel a pounding in her head. Arms went around her waist and she was half lifted and half pulled. The last thing she was aware of was her head hitting a step…

Sixteen-year-old Emily had everything to live for. A bright, beautiful teenager with a promising future ahead of her. But in one night her life is cut short. The police say it’s an accident. But her parents think she was murdered.

When Detective Rachel Prince is called in to investigate the shocking death at the height of the Edinburgh festival, her instincts tell her that things are not as they first appear. Something is very wrong.

As the case takes an unexpected turn, Rachel discovers a chilling link with the suspicious death of another international student, who stayed in the same house as Emily two years before.

Just as Rachel finds herself on the hunt for a serial killer, a painful relationship from her own past catches up with her. And Rachel must decide what is more important – catching the killer or keeping her own secrets?

A breath-taking, tense roller-coaster crime thriller featuring unforgettable series detective Rachel Prince. Now She’s Gone is perfect for fans of Angela Marsons, Peter James and Karin Slaughter.


Wowsers definitely a one sitting read, the opening page hauls you straight into the depths of the story and doesn’t let you go until the very last page.

I’m so privileged to read the second book by Alison James, Now She’s Gone , a Detective Rachel Prince crime thriller and by golly I wasn’t disappointed.

Detective Rachel Prince is assigned a case concerning a young 16 year old Dutch teenager, Emily, whose death has been ruled as accidental by Scottish Police but her parents believe she was murdered. Rachel heads to Edinburgh where she senses something isn’t quite right, things don’t add up, niggles that implore here to investigate further, but she has to tread carefully as she is out with her jurisdiction. Rachel approaches the investigation tentatively, until they have grounds for a full investigation she doesn’t want to rock the boat with the local constabulary, she needs the Scottish Police on board.

The kicker is that there has been a death previously at the same house two years early, also ruled as accidental. There are too many coincidences Rachel and her counterpart DS Mark Brickall have their work cut out for them, various hurdles have been place in their path, the lies, the secrets, the darkness, will Prince and Brickall find out who is responsible.

The investigation is heating up and so is Rachels private life, the past is here and there is no getting away from it, Rachel has now to face the hand she has been dealt and suffer the consequences either way. An emotional formula which will have you, contesting your own decisions.

The camaraderie between Prince and Brickall is evident in the way they rub off one another, the seriousness of Rachel but the joviality of Mark, pulls them both together creating a team which is focused but comfortable with each other. I sense that Brickall has a soft spot for Rachel, he has always got her back, not just at work, in her social life as well, is their going to be some intent on Brickall’s part, will there be more between them, I suppose only time will tell.

Alison James has created a thriller sizzling with heat, spilling over with the darkness of intense criminal activity. I look forward to the next in the series as I’m sure Alison won’t keep us waiting long…..

Thanks to Bookouture, Alison James and the lovely Noelle for allowing me the opportunity to read an advanced readers copy of Now She’s Gone in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.

alison james

Author Bio

Born in the Cotswolds, Alison spent most of her formative years abroad. She studied languages at Oxford, then became a journalist and author, returning to university after her two children to take a law degree. After a three-year stint as a criminal paralegal, Alison worked as a commercial copywriter and then a TV storyliner, before coming full circle to write fiction again.

Author Social Media Links:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/alison.james.90226628
Twitter: https://twitter.com/AlisonJbooks

#BlogBlitz: FACELESS by ROB ASHMAN #KillerThriller


#BlogBlitz: FACELESS by ROB ASHMAN #SerialKiller #Thriller @Bloodhoundbook @RobAshmanAuthor @sarahhardy681

First of three books Rob Ashman will be releasing this year, Faceless to be followed by This Little Piggy and finally Suspended Retribution, Rob is certainly going to be a busy man this year and I look forward to reading his next.

Rob Ashman - Faceless_cover_high res

Title: Faceless

Author: Rob Ashman

Available to buy: Amazon UKAmazon US

Book Synopsis

After surviving a vicious knife attack, which left her husband dead, DI Rosalind Kray returns to work and is handed a serial killer investigation.

This killer is different, he doesn’t just want to take the lives of his victims, he wants to obliterate their very existence. The murders appear random but the killer selects his quarry with meticulous care.

While fighting her superiors Kray must conquer her own demons, which are tearing her apart.

Kray has the ability to think like a killer and her skills lead to a series of horrifying revelations that turn the case on its head. She believes she is getting close, then her world comes crashing down with devastating consequences.

Will Kray find the murderer and escape with her own life in tact?

The truth is closer than she could have ever imagined…


Faceless, a murderous new serial killer thriller from Rob Ashman.

A bold statement from me, Rob has rendered me speechless. I’m sitting here trying to adopt a course of action on how I can encapsulate what Rob has produced so effectively, in truth my brain is addled, the review function is fragmented, Faceless has accomplished what few others have done.

DI Rosalind Kray returns to work after suffering from physical and mental injuries and the death of her husband, the harsh reality is the scars are not just visible but internalised, imprinted on her memory, Kray throws everything she has into work, trying to escape the fact she is finding it hard to cope, but the flaws are there for all to see.

The killer has purpose, has meaning to the crimes, the deaths are not random, they are exact, a meticulous choice, can Kray and the team bring the killer down, will the killer trip up, make mistakes, only time and flipping of the pages will tell.

The alternating sequence of narration between Kray’s point of view and the Serial Killer’s is spot on, it flowed effortlessly, allowing the plot to unfold without the needless fill-ins which can detract from the whole scenario of the book, allowing me the sense of being in the very pages, walking in the footsteps of Kray and the Serial Killer.

I was giddy with a sense of intensity reading about the killer, the dark and twisted disparity of the serial killer. Rob painted a picture, a true piece of art, a reflection of what I believe a deviant of this nature truly becomes. Rob drew a picture of the killers past, how the past reflected on the present, yes I felt sorry for the killer at times but this was their chosen path, a path that could have been avoided, if that switch hadn’t been flipped.

Rob has managed to turn my insides, inside out, the sick behaviour of the serial killer, the imagination Rob has too run riot throughout the book with twisted and gruesome scenarios is beyond my comprehension believe me that’s in a good way. Loads of hand over mouth, peering over the top of the book to see if your life is secure, no danger to your life. All that’s left to say it OMG what an ending……..

Thanks go to Bloodhound Books, Rob Ashman and Sarah Hardy for an advanced readers copy of Faceless in exchange for an honest and unbiased opinion. Thanks to Sarah Hardy for letting me join the Blog Blitz.


Author Bio


Rob is married to Karen with two grown up daughters. He is originally from South Wales and after moving around with work settled in North Lincolnshire where he’s spent the last twenty-two years.

Like all good welsh valley boys Rob worked for the National Coal Board after leaving school at sixteen and went to University at the tender age of twenty-three when the pit closures began to bite. Since then he’s worked in a variety of manufacturing and consulting roles both in the UK and abroad.
It took Rob twenty-four years to write his first book. He only became serious about writing it when his dad got cancer. It was an aggressive illness and Rob gave up work for three months to look after him and his mum. Writing Those That Remain became his coping mechanism. After he wrote the book his family encouraged him to continue, so not being one for half measures, Rob got himself made redundant, went self-employed so he could devote more time to writing and four years later the Mechanic Trilogy is the result When he is not writing, Rob is a frustrated chef with a liking for beer and prosecco, and is known for occasional outbreaks of dancing.

Rob published the Mechanic Trilogy with Bloodhound Books in 2017 and will be releasing three new books during 2018. These are titled: Faceless, This Little Piggy and Suspended Retribution.


Twitter: @RobAshmanAuthor
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