#BlogTour: WHITE LIES by LUCY DAWSON #psychologicalthriller

white lies

#BlogTour: WHITE LIES by LUCY DAWSON #psychologicalthriller @lucydawsonbooks @bookouture @KimTheBookworm

A Doctor, A patient, Obsessions, All Together White Lies..

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Book: White Lies

Author: Lucy Dawson

Available at Amazon: myBook.to/WLSocial


Alexandra Inglis is a respected family doctor, trusted by her patients to keep their most intimate secrets. And if sometimes the boundaries between duty and desire blur… well, she’s only human.

But when Alex oversteps a line with Jonathan, one of her patients, she knows she’s gone too far. Jonathan is obsessive, and to get what he wants he will tear Alex’s world apart – threatening not only her career but her marriage and family too.

Soon Alex finds she’s capable of doing almost anything to keep hold of her perfect life, as it begins to spin dangerously out of her control…

A darkly gripping domestic drama of secrets and lies, from the bestselling author of The Daughter. Perfect for fans of Big Little Lies, Louise Jensen and The Couple Next Door.


White Lies by Lucy Dawson an extraordinary psychological thriller which will have your imagination in turmoil as the pages turn and the end nears.

White lies is centred around two main characters, Alex Inglis, a family Doctor and Jonathan a 17 year patient of the practice in which Alex is a Doctor. Unbeknown to Alex Boundaries and Ethics are crossed as she has slept with a young man whilst under the influence and in a drunken stupor. What was meant to be a fun girls holiday turns sour. When on her return home Alex tries to expel her guilt by telling her husband of her infidelity with this anonymous person, whom she thinks she will never meet again.

How wrong could she be!

Alex has much too lose, her husband, her children and her career when it becomes apparent who this young man is. Jonathan on the other hand develops an obsession with Alex commanding her attention by any means necessary to the point he becomes like a stalker, who are you to believe and how far will they go.

Its unbelievable how a person can be so gullible in believing this one night stand wouldn’t come back and bite them on the backside, its a shameful act which has been easily developed into a he said/ she said scenario. Batting back and forth the reactions of the main characters and their counterparts, the twists and turns unfold in a multitude of ways that never falter, driving you deeper into the thriller, peeling back the layers of scrupulous White Lies.

This is a psychological thriller which is well written and challenges you with every page turn, Lucy has managed to infiltrate my mind leaving me perplexed as to where I took the wrong turn, I’m glad though as it gave a high end impact which blew me away.

Thank you to Bookouture, Lucy Dawson and Kim Nash for the advanced readers copy of White Lies and to be given the opportunity to be able to read and review for the Blog Tour.

white lies lucy

Author Bio

I’ve been writing psychological suspense novels since 2008, when my first bestseller – His Other Lover – was published. I write full time (mostly on the playroom sofa) from my home in Devon, where I live with my husband and children. Before that, I used to interview the likes of Steps and SClub7 for a living, making absolutely no use whatsoever of my psychology degree from Warwick University, but it was a lot of fun.

I’m addicted to writing about the extraordinary things that can happen to ordinary people – I like stories that jump in at the deep end, with a gasp. When readers take the time out to let me know they’ve stayed up all night because they couldn’t put the book down, it makes my day.

I really enjoy catching up with readers and always reply to emails. You can reach me at lucy@lucydawsonbooks.com. I’m also on Twitter @lucydawsonbooks and have a Facebook page at lucydawsonbooks. Alternatively you can download a free short story of mine at www.lucydawsonbooks.com or if you want to look at a lot of pictures of the beach and books that I’m reading, find me on Instagram at lucydawsonbooks.



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