#BlogTour: THE CHILD NEXT DOOR by SHALINI BOLAND #Psychologicalthriller

the child next doorl

#BlogTour: THE CHILD NEXT DOOR by SHALINI BOLAND #Psychologicalthriller @bookouture @ShaliniBoland @KimTheBookworm, #Thechildnextdoor

the child next door cover

The Child Next Door by Shalini Boland

Amazon Buy Link: myBook.to/TCNDSocial
 iBookstore: http://ow.ly/qeHJ30jc7MB


‘Don’t take my baby.’

Kirstie Rawlings is jolted awake by a child crying. Racing upstairs to check on her new-born, she is plunged into every parents’ worst nightmare. She hears an unknown voice in the baby monitor, saying: ‘Let’s take the child – and go.’

Is someone trying to steal her little girl?

In the bedroom, her daughter is safe asleep in her cot. Is the voice coming from a nearby house? But there aren’t any other children living on her quiet country road…

The police don’t believe her. And neither does her husband.

Kirstie knows something isn’t right. She thought she could trust her neighbours, now she isn’t sure. As she unravels the secrets of the people living on her street, Kirstie’s perfect life begins to fall apart.

Because someone is hiding a terrible lie. And they will do anything to stop Kirstie uncovering the truth. But is the danger closer to home than she thinks?

From the top ten bestselling author of The Secret Mother, this completely gripping psychological thriller will make you wonder what really goes on behind closed doors. And will keep you guessing from the first page until the final shocking twist.



The day that Kim announced The Child Next Door by Shalini Boland was available, I burned through the keys of my laptop to get there, it was a must, I had to have it, OMG the palpitations I was having if it wasn’t to be mine. Finally the book was mine, snuggled comfortably on my kindle waiting for me to open the pages and delve into Shalini’s artistic mind.

Shalini blew my mind with her new psychological thriller The Child Next Door, I couldn’t hold back, I raced through the pages, looking around myself wondering if I heard it too. That voice, a male voice heard through the baby monitor, “Let’s take the baby and go”.

The worst nightmare of any mother is the thought that their child may be taken. Kirstie bolts to her daughters nursery only to find Daisy fast asleep, who was the person over the monitor, could it be from a neighbouring property and the baby monitor picked up interference, but there are no other babies in the street. The police and her husband don’t seem to believe her, is Kirstie becoming paranoid.

The further I delved it becomes increasing worrisome that Kirstie is becoming, suspicious of everyone, delusional to the point paranoia, her relationship with her husband is becoming fraught and the threads are beginning to untangle.

Shalini managed to drag me into the same thought process as Kirstie was I becoming paranoid, what was happening, I was on edge, gripping the words as they flew past, looking for answers, trying to fathom out the undeniable feeling of unease. The convoluted plot burled me round and round, trying to find the end, my thought process was dizzy with possible scenarios.

If you feel the need to read a psychological thriller which will drive almost round the bend trying to find the answers, then this is the book for you, the ending won’t be what your expecting, but that’s the whole point of a damn good psychological thriller.

Congrats Shalini, you took me on a nail biting journey, an absorbingly mesmerizing psychological thriller which I couldn’t help become embroiled in.

Thanks go out to Bookouture, Shalini Boland and Kim Nash for the advanced readers copy of The Child Next Door in exchange for an honest review.

the child next door shalini

Author Bio

Shalini Boland is the bestselling author of psychological thrillers ‘THE GIRL FROM THE SEA’ (reached No 1 in the US Audible charts), ‘THE BEST FRIEND’ (No 2 in the US Audible charts), ‘THE MILLIONAIRE’S WIFE’, ‘THE SECRET MOTHER’ (No 4 in the US Kindle charts).

Shalini lives in Dorset, England with her husband, two children and their cheeky terrier cross. Before kids, she was signed to Universal Music Publishing as a singer/songwriter, but now she spends her days writing psychological thrillers (in between school runs and hanging out endless baskets of laundry).

Be the first to hear about her new releases here: http://eepurl.com/b4vb45

She is also the author of two bestselling Young Adult series as well as an atmospheric WWII novel with a time-travel twist.





#BlogBlitz: LAST NIGHT by KERRY WILKINSON #Psychologicalthriller

Last Night - Blog Tour

#BlogBlitz: LAST NIGHT by KERRY WILKINSON #Psychologicalthriller

@bookouture @kerrywk @nholten40

Today I have the pleasure to be part of the Blog Blitz for Kerry Wilkinson’s newest psychological thriller Last Night, Wowzers by golly its a humdinger.



Author: Kerry Wilkinson

Buy Links: Amazon: myBook.to/LNSocial
: https://tinyurl.com/y8l8nvsw


Rose Denton wakes up in her car. She has no memory of how she got there. But she knows something bad happened…

There’s blood on the windscreen and bonnet – but it’s not hers and there’s no sign of anything or anyone she might have hit. The last thing she remembers is being in a hotel on a business trip but now she’s miles away.

Back home and her daughter’s boyfriend is missing. The last thing he did was argue with Rose over money. He left no note, no text, no clue as to his whereabouts.

The police have questions – and so does Rose’s family. But those are little compared to the ones she has for herself.

What happened last night? And, perhaps more importantly, does she really want to know the answer?

A totally addictive psychological thriller which will keep you turning the pages until the final dramatic twist.


I really want to shout and scream from the rooftops about how much of a humdinger this psychological thriller is from Kerry Wilkinson, Last Night is an absolutely freaking amazing read.

The opening of Last Night, is the first puzzle to try and crack, Rose has had an accident found herself in a field, with blood on the windscreen of her car, no sign of an injured or dead animal, where has the blood come from has she knocked someone down. The actual feel of this intense beginning of the book, launches you head long into a scenario which no-one would like to be party to, trying to decipher what exactly she did Last Night.

To top it all off when Rose returns home, it becomes apparent that something else has occurred, her daughter Olivia’s boyfriend, Tyler has disappeared, taken off after an argument which Rose was involved in, is she to blame. Rose tries to unravel everything that the Last Night is hiding from her.

The glimpses into Rose’s past offers up a hidden secret, which she is unwillingly to confront or acknowledge, is everything that’s happening to her part of her past coming back to haunt her or is it something else. Is someone playing Rose or is she losing her mind……..

Kerry takes us down the route that Rose is an unreliable narrator, hard to fathom if she is showing us everything, do we take her at face value or is she hiding behind a façade. The characteristic of Rose is gradually revealed, leaving me with the insatiable feeling of a slow burning character, but with an impact at the end that floored my imagination.

Last Night is a book which left me with an unquenchable thirst, a wanting of more, Kerry always manages to fulfil all my desires in his writing prowse, I can’t help the feeling of  intensity which Kerry produced in my imagination, an explosive reaction starting from that slow burn.

Thanks to Kerry Wilkinson, Bookouture and Noelle Holten for an advanced readers copy of Last Night, thoroughly enjoyed and easily recommended. If you want a psychological thriller which gradually builds to a dramatic conclusion, then Last Night is for you.


Author Bio

Kerry Wilkinson has had No.1 bestsellers in the UK, Canada, South Africa and Singapore, as well as top-five books in Australia. He has also written two top-20 thrillers in the United States.

As well as his million-selling Jessica Daniel series, Kerry has written the Silver Blackthorn trilogy – a fantasy-adventure serial for young adults – a second crime series featuring private investigator Andrew Hunter, plus numerous standalone novels. He has been published around the world in more than a dozen languages.

Originally from the county of Somerset, Kerry has spent far too long living in the north of England, picking up words like ‘barm’ and ‘ginnel’.

When he’s short of ideas, he rides his bike or bakes cakes. When he’s not, he writes it all down.

Upcoming US releases:
Behind Closed Doors (Jessica Daniel 7): Out now
Two Sisters (standalone): Out now
The Girl Who Came Back (standalone): Out now
Crossing The Line (Jessica Daniel 8): Out now
Scarred For Life (Jessica Daniel 9): Out now
One Cloudy Night (standalone): Spring 2018
The Death And Life Of Eleanor Parker (standalone): June 2018
For Richer, For Poorer (Jessica Daniel 10): 2018
Nothing But Trouble (Jessica Daniel 11): 2018
Recent and upcoming UK releases:
Eye For An Eye (Jessica Daniel): Out now
Last Night (standalone): Out now
The Death And Life Of Eleanor Parker (standalone): 22 June 2018
To Have And To Hold (standalone): October 2018

Author Social Media Links:
http://facebook.com/ KerryWilkinsonBooks

#BlogBlitz: DARK LIES by NICK HOLLIN (Detective Rhodes and Radley crime series, Book 1)

Dark Lies - Blog Tour

#BlogBlitz Dark Lies by Nick Hollin, @vonmaraus @bookouture @nholten40

Its a pleasure to be part of the Blog Blitz for Dark Lies, open the pages, let the light in, unpick the lies of this amazing crime thriller and walk the walk with Detective Rhodes and Radley, before uncovering the disturbing truth.



Author: Nick Hollin

Buy Links: Amazon: myBook.to/DLSocial


Don’t trust your friends. Don’t trust your family. Don’t trust yourself…

When a young mother is found dead in her home with a mysterious symbol drawn on her body, DI Katie Rhodes is shaken to her core; it’s a perfect match to the birthmark she once saw on her old partner, Nathan Radley.

Formerly one of the best criminal psychologists on the police force, Nathan was renowned for getting deep into the minds of the murderers he hunted. But for the past year he has lived in isolation, terrified of losing control over his own dark desires…

Katie swore she’d never knock on Nathan’s door again, but when another woman’s body is found, she knows she doesn’t have a choice.

As the body count rises and the calling cards get increasingly personal, Katie and Nathan realise that someone very close to them is playing a dangerous game. Who can they trust, and how many more innocent lives will be taken before they can crack this disturbing riddle?

An absolutely nail-biting serial-killer thriller. Fans of The Girl in the Ice, or anything by Angela Marsons or Rachel Abbott will not want to miss this page-turning debut!


Dark Lies by Nick Hollin, the first instalment in the Detective Rhodes and Radley series, and by golly its a stoater, thoroughly enjoyed the match between Rhodes and Radley a perfect partnership even if they are both walking a thin line.

So where did Hollins take us, he took us on one hell of a joy ride, twisting and turning each and every clue, keeping the suspense and tension in full flow, damn I read it in one day, can’t wait for the next instalment.

Okay so you will all be wondering, what made me rave about Dark Lies so much, well I’ll let you into a secret, shall I……

The plot follows the investigation into a serial killer and the relationship between two estranged partners who have come back together, one not so willingly, to gain a foothold into the mind of a killer, who seems to know a lot about Rhodes and Radley. As the pages unfurl, we learn about Rhodes and her deterioration in her career from a previous investigation which has somehow affected her perspective on her intuition. Radley on the other hand hid away from society, trying to lock himself away from civilisation and his own tormented mind, praying that her wouldn’t act out his fantasies.

The back story for Dark Lies, is peppered throughout the book, coiling through the chapters, nibbling away at the pages, revealing just enough to leave you wanting more. Hopefully in book two Nick will gives us more insight to Rhodes and Radley answering the questions whirling around in my head.

There are so many parts of Dark Lies I could divulge but I won’t, I don’t want to spoil the intensely, dark scenario’s which unfold, but I will say you wont be disappointed. Nick Hollin has written a first class, first rate police procedural which will consume all your time and energy until the very last page.

Thanks to Bookouture, Nick Hollin and Noelle Holten for the opportunity to be part of the Blog Blitz for Dark Lies, to read an advanced readers copy in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.


Author Bio

From bookbinder to gardener to forensic analyst, Nick has enjoyed an extremely varied working life. At home his interests are equally diverse, but nothing beats books. Collecting, reading, writing, they have always been a passion in one form or another. A graduate of Royal Holloway’s Creative Writing Masters, he’s fulfilling a long-held dream of being published and hopes to be at this for a good while yet. He lives in Cambridgeshire with his partner, young son and cat.

Author Social Media Links:
Twitter: https://twitter.com/vonmaraus




cover reveal

Holy Moly I really love the cover reveals of new books and this cover for Louise Jensen’s is no exception, in fact, it is exceptional, a stunningly moody psychological thriller with the blood splattered ………….. you’ll need to read on to see what I’ve seen.

How about we have a wee look at what’s under the cover, a slip of the hand and a tantalising tease, pull back the page and look with wonder at what Louise Jensen has in store for us with The Date.


The Date: An unputdownable psychological thriller with a breathtaking twist
Amazon Universal Link: myBook.to/TDLJSocial

Something bad has happened to Alison Taylor.

Her Saturday night started normally. Recently separated from her husband, Ali has been persuaded by her friends to go on a date with a new man. She is ready, she is nervous, she is excited. She is about to take a step into her new future.

By Sunday morning, Ali’s life is unrecognisable. She wakes, and she knows that something is wrong. She is home, she is alone, she is hurt and she has no memory of what happened to her.

Worse still, when she looks in the mirror, Ali doesn’t recognise the face staring back at her. She can’t recognise her friends and family. And she can’t recognise the person who is trying to destroy her…

From the no. 1 bestselling author of The Sister, The Gift and The Surrogate, The Date is a gripping page-turner that will keep you awake until the early hours. Perfect for fans of The Girl on the Train and Before I Go To Sleep.

WoW, WoW, did you read it bloody WoW, the hunger in my eyes is growing with the thought and need for Louise Jensen’s new book The Date sounds ominous but also intriguing. Its compelling, stunning, exceptional, the cover, the synopsis, how can I possibly wait, now I have to mark THE DATE and count the days until its mine.

How would you like a wee bitty info on this lovely lady, a fantastic author who’s going from strength to strength the more psychological thrillers Louise writes.

Louise jensen

Author Bio

Louise is a USA Today Bestselling Author, and lives in Northamptonshire with her husband, children, madcap dog and a rather naughty cat.

Louise’s first two novels, The Sister and The Gift, were both International No.1 Bestsellers, and have been sold for translation to sixteen countries. The Sister was nominated for The Goodreads Awards Debut of 2016. Louise’s third psychological thriller, The Surrogate, is out now.

Louise loves to hear from readers and writers and can be found at www.louisejensen.co.uk, where she regularly blogs flash fiction.

Okay lets get the curtains opened, no more hiding, after all that’s what you all came here for the Cover Reveal which will leave you gasping for more……..


the datel

See what I mean what an amazing cover, just love it, the broken, dying rose with the blood splatters ooooooow sends shivers down my spine. What you all waiting for get yourselves onto Amazon and pre-order its going to be hard not too.

Amazon Universal Link: myBook.to/TDLJSocial

#BlogBlitz: THE CHOICE by JAKE CROSS @JakeCrossAuthor @bookouture @nholten40

The Choice - Blog Tour (1)



Author: Jake Cross

Book: The Choice

Publication Day: March 23rd 2018

Amazon Link: myBook.to/TCSocial

Can’t believe Noelle Holten has let me loose on yet another Blog Blitz, you know she always had The Choice to say no (hehehehe).

Lets have a look at the description of The Choice by Jake Cross.


‘You’ve got to help me,’ she pleads.

On a wet road in the black of night, Karl Seabury is driving home to his pregnant wife. Suddenly, caught in his headlights in the middle of the road is a woman shaking with fright.

The woman says her name is Liz Smith, that her home was attacked, and that she was the only one to escape.

In a split-second decision, Karl decides to help her to safety. But Liz is hiding a dark secret and now his good deed has put his family in terrible danger…

An absolutely unputdownable thriller, with twist after twist after twist, that will leave you breathless. Perfect for fans of Robert Dugoni, John Marrs and Harlan Coben.

Available to Buy: myBook.to/TCSocial

My Review

It’s an absolute delight to be part of the Blog Blitz for The Choice by Jake Cross, a brand spanking new author for me to read, who can say no, I mean especially when in the author bio Jake’s quoted saying ‘he hopes you don’t ask for a refund’, that certainly made me chuckle.

Well The Choice is the first novel written by Jake Cross and its a darn good one, cleverly written with a plot which will blow you away. What I will say it will definitely be a marmite book, either love it or loathe it, but without a doubt I would recommend giving Jake Cross a try.

Karl Seabury is driving home in the dead of night and a woman runs in front of his vehicle, caught in his headlights a look of fear in her eyes, where has she come from, what is she running from and why does Karl believe that his life has changed irrevocably since picking Liz Smith. Who is Liz and why does she hold a threat of danger to herself, Karl and his family.

The Choice is loaded with crime, murder, violence, an abundance of dramatic situations and you know you just love to have the odd skeleton in the cupboard well there’s that too, what’s not to like. Trust is a two way street but in this case I’m unsure if either character truly trusted the other, but I did find Liz to be quite incorrigible in her manipulation of the situation Karl and his wife found themselves in.

Jake pulled the rabbit out of the hat tying up the loose ends in the plotline, gelling it all together at the end, making what seemed to be a tightly wound plot of several investigations and criminal activity work very well together. Sometimes it can feel that the overuse of too many separate factors can water down a book but it wasn’t the case in The Choice, I loved how it padded and plumped up the criminal elements, giving me much more to think about.

If you would love to read a new author, have elements of criminal violent crimes, murder and a pinch of downright Huh, give The Choice by Jake Cross a try, what have you got to lose, after all every new author deserves a chance to be read. Thank you to Bookouture, Jake Cross and Noelle Holten for an advanced readers copy in exchange for an honest review.


Author Bio

Jake has been making stuff up from a real early age. His parents never believed his silly lies when he was young, so he still has no idea why he thought he could invent a decent story as an adult. But he kept trying, and here we are. THE CHOICE is his first novel, the first of three thrillers to be published by Bookouture, and he hopes you like it. If you don’t, he at least hopes you don’t ask for a refund.

Author Social Media Links
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/jakecrossauthor/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/JakeCrossAuthor
Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/17625443.Jake_Cross



#BlogBlitz: NO SAFE PLACE by PATRICIA GIBNEY, @trisha460 @bookouture @KimTheBookworm

no safe place


@trisha460 @bookouture @KimTheBookworm

Its my pleasure to be part of the Blog Blitz for Patricia Gibney’s newest chapter in the Detective Lottie Parker series, No Safe Place. So lets crack on and find out what to expect from Detective Lottie in book number four.

no safe place cover

No Safe Place by Patricia Gibney, out today 22nd March 2018.
Amazon Buy Link: myBook.to/NSPSocial
 iBookstore Buy Link: http://ow.ly/llbu30j1Dtm

Lets have a look at the synopsis of No Safe Place before I put my thoughts out there, but hey there’s no need really as its a Buy, Buy, Buy from me.


There’s nothing more dangerous than a familiar face…

As funeral mourners stand in silence at Ragmullin cemetery, a deafening cry cuts through the air. Lying crumpled at the bottom of an open grave is the bloodied body of a young woman, and Detective Lottie Parker is called in to investigate.

Knowing the body can’t have been there long, Lottie wonders if it could be Elizabeth Bryne, a young woman who vanished without trace just days earlier. And with a new boss who seems to have it in for her, Lottie is under pressure to solve both cases quickly.

As two more women go missing from Ragmullin, Lottie and her team fear there is a serial killer on the loose. And the disappearances are strikingly similar to a cold case from ten years earlier. Could history be repeating itself?

As journalists begin to interfere with Lottie’s investigation, she fears the killer is about to strike again. Lottie is in a race against time to find the missing women, but the killer is closer than she thinks. Could Lottie be his next target?

If you love Angela Marsons, Robert Bryndza and Rachel Abbott, you’ll love the latest pulse-pounding thriller from Patricia Gibney. No Safe Place will keep you guessing until the very last page.

peer-review red

The first thing I want to say is go Buy, Buy, Buy, if you haven’t read any of the Detective Lottie series what are you waiting for, your missing out, its a series which will leave you wanting more, desperation will set in while waiting for the next instalment. Okay that the desperation may just be me, I just love the writings of Patricia Gibney.

The day that I found out that No Safe Place was the next Lottie book was bloody memorable, I literally was happy dancing around the internet, the anticipation of getting my hands on a copy was almost unbearable, then bang its there, mine to read.

Okay, okay lets get on and see what Patricia Gibney has in store for us with Detective Lottie Parker in book four.

Opening the first pages it clear that Patricia has a flipping amazing plotline evolving throughout the pages of the book. Damn it was hard to leave alone, work, family commitments all wanted to get in the way, but there was no chance that was happening it was my destiny to devour the book in one huge gulp.

A body of a young woman in a freshly dug grave, discovered just as an older woman of Ragmullin is to be laid to rest, there is my slam dunk straight away. It becomes apparent that there are links to the local train station, young women are disappearing, also a similar case years previously bears the same hallmarks, can Lottie and her team solve this grizzly crime and prevent other women from vanishing.

Poor Lottie has returned back to work from time off recuperating, nothing is coming easy, her boss is going on a medical leave of absence and the powers that be have decided Lottie is too unstable and volatile to oversee the team. His successor is a man that will have no qualms in trying to humiliate Lottie.

There was more insight to Lottie and Boyd’s relationship, its apparent that Boyd has a definite soft spot for Lottie, I just wish Lottie would give Boyd a break they are so made for each other. Patricia you need to bring the two together, I can’t bear the fact they are so lonely, they are such a crack team.

Overall Patricia has produced the ultimate crime book. An unbearable tension, No Safe Place tightens its grip on my imagination, sailing through the pages I became part of Lottie, her sidekick, untangling the clues, waiting for Lottie to direct my attention to the criminal entity.

Thank you to Bookouture, Patricia Gibney and Kim Nash for giving me the opportunity to read and review an advanced readers copy of No Safe Place, allowing me to take part in the Blog Blitz.

One last thing I don’t know if I mentioned it but go Buy, Buy, Buy No Safe Place by Patricia Gibney. Here’s the links to help you on your way:

Amazon Buy Link: myBook.to/NSPSocial
 iBookstore Buy Link: http://ow.ly/llbu30j1Dtm

no safe place patricia

Author Bio

Patricia lives in the midlands of Ireland. She is an avid crime reader so naturally she found herself writing in the crime genre.

A life changing experience in 2009, with the death of her 49 year old husband, meant she had to give up her career, and over the following few years, she rekindled her love of art and writing.

Initially Patricia wrote and illustrated a children’s book, but her real ambition was to write a novel. And she did!

The Missing Ones (Book 1) published in March 2017 and to date has reached a high of number 2 in Amazon UK Kindle charts and number 6 in the US. It also achieved number 1 in all its categories. It is a bestseller in UK, US, Canada and Australia and has sold over 600,000 copies and has now also been published by Hachette Ireland in paperback.
Book 2 in the series, The Stolen Girls, published on July 6th, 2017.
Book 3, The Lost Child, was published on October 27th, 2017.





#BlogBlitz THE MURDER LIST by CHRIS MERRITT @bookouture @DrCJMerritt

The Murder List - Blog Tour

Well today its my pleasure to be part of the #BlogBlitz for Chris Merritt and his new book The Murder List @DrCJMerritt @bookouture @nholten40.


Title: The Murder List

Author: Chris Merritt

AMAZON: myBook.to/TMLSocial
Apple Link: : https://tinyurl.com/yca5626e


The lifeless body sat, hands bound, silver tape over his mouth. Patches of blood had soaked into the cheap carpet around him. Zac had spent years gaining scientific insight into the mind: human motivation and behaviour. And this scene wasn’t right…

It’s been five years since Detective Zac Boateng’s daughter was murdered and her killer was never found. Now Zac is back working for the Metropolitan Police and is more determined than ever to bring the city’s killers to justice.

When a man is found brutally murdered in a rundown south London shop, all fingers point to the highly intelligent and manipulative Darian Wallace. Two years ago, the victim helped send him to prison. And he’s just been released.

Still grieving, Zac knows it will take everything he’s got to catch this dangerously clever killer. But just as he feels he’s getting closer, he realises all is not quite as it seems and he makes a devastating personal discovery.

Zac has a choice to make – risk letting this killer escape or watch his daughter’s murderer get away again…

An absolutely gripping thriller for fans of Mark Billingham, Peter James and Lee Child. The Murder List is one fast-paced thriller you won’t be able to put down.


The Murder List by Chris Merritt hopefully will be part of a long line of Detective Zac Boateng books, its a sensational opening to a series which I think will go far.

The opening scenes in The Murder List left me reeling, unable to close my mouth, a heart-breaking scenario which l hope no-one would ever have to suffer. Even as my heart was aching, my veins were pumping with adrenaline, looking forward with anticipation to what Chris had in store for me.

Five years later, Zac and his colleagues are summoned to a crime scene where a man is bludgeoned death, the evidence is pointing to a known criminal Darian Wallace, a man not long released from prison. As Wallace evades the police, I begin to wonder is the investigation being led to Wallace or are there other sources in play. The more I turn the pages, the deeper into the book I am led, not just the investigation Zac is involved in but also the cold case involving his daughter where no criminal has been brought to justice leaving Zac with an open wound which the plaster keeps getting ripped off.

Detective Boateng is a character who has several factors in his personality which impinge on his efficiency as a Detective, it comes to light in the investigation where he isn’t pulling his weight instead he is disregarding all the rules to follow leads in his daughters case, his need for answers penetrates his job and family. What the consequences will be only time will tell.

I thoroughly enjoyed finding out about Detective Zac Boateng, following his story, I’m looking forward to reading a lot more of Chris Merritt’s books, it will seriously interesting to see what he has up his sleeve for the next Boateng book.

Thank you to Bookouture, Chris Merritt and Noelle Holten for allowing me the opportunity to read and review an advanced readers copy of The Murder List and help promote a fantastic new series. Roll on the next instalment of Detective Zac Boateng, I look forward to it will anticipation.

Chris Merritt 500

Author Bio

Chris Merritt is a Clinical Psychologist and former diplomat based in London, who has been writing on psychology since 2010. In 2014 he decided to combine his passion for writing with his love of crime fiction, and eventually came up with The Murder List, his debut novel. He currently works on a mental health research project at King’s College London, and part-time as a psychologist in the NHS. When not working or writing, he loves climbing and basketball, and dreams of one day being able to work from home enough to own a whippet.

Author Social Media Links:
Twitter: https://twitter.com/DrCJMerritt
Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/17558172.Chris_Merritt

#CoverReveal: Fabulous New Book Cover @carolewyer @bookouture

Cover reveal-use

Well its time for another fantabulous cover reveal from the publishers @bookouture of Carol Wyer’s newest instalment in the Detective Robyn Carter series, The Chosen Ones. Now when the call went out for bodies (oops I mean Bloggers) to swamp the internet with Carols new book cover, there was no way on this earth I was going to miss being one of The Chosen Ones, it was a Hell Yes Moment.

Well lets get on with it I hear you say…… Are you sure, I though we might play a little game of hide n’ seek, Carol are you up for it?

Now that elusive cover will eventually appear but I thought we might discover a little about Carol Wyer, so lets seek out what we would love to know about Carol the Author.

carol e wyer

Looky here there’s a picture of our lovely Carol, what I find amusing is how hard it is to imagine how someone so sweet can produce such gut wrenching storylines, but there it is, Carol is that awesome author and by gawd do we all love her for it.

Now to look and see what Carol has to say about herself.

Carol E. Wyer is an award-winning author whose humorous books take a light-hearted look at getting older and encourage others to age disgracefully. More recently she has chosen to write for the “dark side” and embarked on a series of thrillers, starting with the gripping best-seller, Little Girl Lost.
Her book Grumpy Old Menopause won The People’s Book Prize Award for non-fiction 2015.
Carol has been interviewed on numerous radio shows discussing ‘Irritable Male Syndrome’ and ‘Ageing Disgracefully’ and on BBC Breakfast television. She has had articles published in national magazines ‘Woman’s Weekly’ featured in ‘Take A Break’, ‘Choice’, ‘Yours’ and ‘Woman’s Own’ magazines and writes regularly for The Huffington Post.
Carol is a signed author with Bookouture and Delancey Press.
To learn more about Carol, go to:
www.carolwyer.co.uk or follow Carol on Twitter: @carolewyer.
Carol blogs at  www.grumpyoldmenopause.com

Right now we have discovered some things about Carol, how about we have a wee swatch at her latest book The Chosen Ones, we are lucky enough to have the synopsis and damn its good, can you wait for it, okay, okay I’ll let you see it…….

The Chosen Ones by Carol Wyer

Out on 24th May

Available to Pre-order now on Amazon: myBook.to/TCOSocial

They had not been forgiven. And they would never be forgotten ….

When a doting young father is murdered and his body discovered in a cornfield for his family to see, it’s a harrowing new case for Detective Robyn Carter. But just as Robyn starts to investigate, a popular local doctor and young mother, is found dead outside her surgery.

As Robyn tries to find the link between the victims, she uncovers a dark web of secrets. Were these much-loved members of the community as innocent as they seemed?

The killer has a message for Robyn and the carefully chosen victims. Can Robyn get to the truth before she becomes the next target?

If you love Angela Marsons, Patricia Gibney and Rachel Abbott, you’ll love the latest pulse-pounding thriller from Carol Wyer. The Chosen Ones will keep you guessing until the very last page.

Doesn’t The Chosen Ones sound amazing, it just drips criminality and I can’t wait to get my hands on it. I’ve read every one of Carols books about Detective Carter, in each one every exploit gets better and better with every instalment Carol fulfils in the Detective Robyn Carter series.

Okay now we have sought out Carol Wyer our lovely author and had a little look at the synopsis for the upcoming book The Chosen Ones, do you really want to see the cover………Fine I’ll just run out and get it


OMG I’m knackered, that’s one helluva journey, all that racing up and down the emails, fairly wears you out, but our Kim Nash always comes through and its here……

cover reveal curtain

Its time to pull back the curtains and seek out the cover reveal.

The amazing cover for The Chosen Ones by Carol Wyer due for release on the 24th of May. 

The Chosen Ones C.Wyer

Damn its good, the cover for Book Five, The Chosen Ones. I’m always in awe of the graphics of a book, where the imagination comes from, how they manage to draw your eyes to the cover and set the scene, enticing you into opening up to the first page and beginning your journey, with much loved characters.

Many thanks to Bookouture, Carol Wyer and Kim Nash for the opportunity to reveal the cover for The Chosen Ones, just the waiting for publication day……..as Bookouture have hid it.



Cold Heart - Blog Tour

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A cold hearted killer, a missing girl, Detective Kate Matthews is being sent a deadly message, can the crimes be solved before there’s more victims.


Title: Cold Heart

Author: Stephen Edger

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It has been a week since anyone last saw fifteen-year-old Daisy, after she left her best friend’s house and started her short walk home. Detective Kate Matthews and her team have been looking for her ever since.

When a tip-off leads Kate to a disused gymnasium at Daisy’s school, she is shocked to find evidence linking to the murder of a different girl.

Working the two cases side by side, Kate’s blood runs cold when a gift-wrapped box containing a human heart is delivered to her at the station. The heart belongs to yet another unknown victim, but the message is clear: there will be more, and Daisy could be one of them.

When activity on Daisy’s Facebook account indicates she is still alive, the race is on for Kate and her team. Will Daisy be the killer’s next victim? Is Kate prepared to risk everything to stop another innocent life from being taken?

This absolutely unputdownable crime thriller will have fans of Angela Marsons, Peter James and Rachel Abbott biting their nails long after the final twist has sunk in.


How can it be possible that an author of Stephen’s calibre can keep on pulling the proverbial rabbit out of the hat with every new book, Cold Heart is an exceptional read which just gets better and better the more pages you turn.

First and foremost for me the biggest thing that grabbed me about the third book in the series was the title. Now, Cold Heart just the sound of the words tripping off your tongue is utterly spine-chilling, and to cap it off before I got to the synopsis was the too die for cover design. Stephen, on the whole the manifestation of the cover, the title and the synopsis grabbed me full force and never let me go until the very last page leaving a void I need to fill, so hurry on with Book Four.

Okay lets get to grips with Cold Heart, the plotline surrounds the disappearance of Daisy, a young teenage girl, who nobody has seen since leaving her friends house. A week passes and no sightings, then Detective Kate Matthews is called upon to investigate a suspicious incident in the school which Daisy attended, the discovery of a mutilated foot in amongst a bloodbath. Initial findings progress and the origin of the foot is established to be from another young girl, not Daisy, so what is the killer trying to convey.

Now Detective Matthews has two cases running simultaneously, a murderous event and a young girl vanished without a trace is Daisy in danger, is it too late, can Kate save Daisy. The attraction drawn by the killer is paramount when a gift is left in the station for Kate, what is the killer trying to portray, what is the angle they perceive to hold, do they want the victims families attention, or is there a darker reason to the deaths, most of all will there be more.

For all this the third in the series of Detective Kate Matthews, there is so much more to be built on. The relationship between Kate and her daughter is something I definitely would love to read more about, it would certainly bring more of her character to the forefront, not just her work ethic but what makes Kate tick maternally and how it is injected into her work/personal life.

I’ll tell you this, Stephen had me questioning myself several times over, no matter how many times I flipped the clues, crossed the lines and joined the dots I was nowhere near a satisfactory conclusion, Stephen defeated me I never saw the end coming, just the way it like it.

Overall if I was to describe the whole book from beginning to end it would:

You Seek Them Here,

You Seek Them There,

You Seek Them Clues Everywhere,

Is The End Heaven Or Hell,

It’s A Cold Heart And I Just Won’t Tell.

My thanks go to Stephen Edger, Bookouture and Noelle Holten for an advanced readers copy of Cold Heart to read in exchanged for an honest review, it was my pleasure to read Cold Heart and be part of the Blog Blitz curtesy of an invite by Noelle, thank you.

Stephen Edger Profile photo (b&w)

Author Bio

Stephen Edger is a British crime writer, who has been writing since 2010. In that time he has written and published eleven novels, and five short stories. He writes mysteries and thrillers focused on crime.

Stephen was born in the north-east of England, grew up in London, but has lived in Southampton since attending university in the year 2000. Stephen works in the financial industry, and uses his insider knowledge to create the plots of his books. He also has a law degree, which gives him a good understanding of the inner workings of the UK justice system.

Stephen is married, and has two children, and two dogs. He is passionate about reading and writing, and cites Simon Kernick and John Grisham as major influences on his writing style.

Author Social Media Links:
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/AuthorStephenEdger/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/StephenEdger
Website: https://www.stephenedger.com/



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A position of TRUST, your CHILDREN, are they SAFE.



Title: The Babysitter: A gripping psychological thriller with edge of your seat suspense.

Author: Sheryl Browne

Publisher: Bookouture

Available to Buy: Amazon UKAmazon USKobo


You trust her with your family. Would you trust her with your life?

Mark and Melissa Cain are thrilled to have found Jade, a babysitter who is brilliant with their young children. Having seen her own house burn to the ground, Jade needs them as much as they need her. Moving Jade into the family home can only be a good thing, can’t it?

As Mark works long hours as a police officer and Melissa struggles with running a business, the family become ever more reliant on their babysitter, who is only too happy to help. And as Melissa begins to slip into depression, it’s Jade who is left picking up the pieces.

But Mark soon notices things aren’t quite as they seem. Things at home feel wrong, and as Mark begins to investigate their seemingly perfect sitter, what he discovers shocks him to his core. He’s met Jade before. And now he suspects he might know what she wants …

Mark is in a race against time to protect his family. But what will he find as he goes back to his family home?

If you loved reading The Girl on the Train, Behind Closed Doors and The Sister, you’ll love the suspense of The Babysitter. This unputdownable read will have you turning the pages until way after dark.


The Babysitter by Sheryl Browne, OMG, OMG what an emotive psychological thriller.

Why Sheryl, why did you do it, that bloody prologue, a huge sucker punch to the gut hauling my thoughts through a series of emotions even before I hit the first chapter. A taster of what was to come.

Jade is a young woman who has recently moved into the cottage next door to the Cain family. An unfortunate incident occurs when Jades house burns down, now homeless Jade is offered a place to stay with Mel & Mark. Upon accepting Jade becomes the live-in Babysitter to baby Evie and seven year old Poppy and all seems to be going well, until Mel starts to show signs of depression. Mel struggles to complete daily tasks for her children and Jade begins to take control and becomes closer to Mark, is it all a coincidence or is something sinister going on.

Jade as a character has been portrayed as a master manipulator intent on destroying Mel’s family to gain a new family, Mel’s family. Jade is evil personified, compounded by her thoughts which we are privy to when she is plotting her next moves. If I am honest I did feel a little sorry for Jade but also horrified when the discover of Jades past became known.

Mel & Mark are characteristic of a normal family who have there ups and down, they have suffered a loss in the past, struggled to gain control of their lives but have become a strong family unit. With this in mind I wondered how Mel managed to appear so unconnected with what was happening around her, at times I felt like screaming at the book ‘open yours eyes, can you not see’. I know depression and anxiety can cause major issues with your mental health, the vulnerability of Mel actually switched on my head like a light bulb, this could be me.

I envisioned Mark as a strong but gentle character who would do anything for his family, the policeman in him yearns for him to protect, to protect his family and Jade has become part of that family. Mark I would say is more blinkered than anyone other character in the book, for being a policeman he can’t seem to grasp what’s right under his nose, but is that an intentional trait or is in part because of Jade.

I don’t know how Sheryl does it but the chill surging through my veins, the haunting adrenaline bound tension, wrenched my heart with fear and sadness, hurtling my thoughts around and around. It was futile to try and stop reading.

I would like to thank Bookouture, Sheryl Browne and Kim Nash for the opportunity to be part of the Blog tour for The Babysitter, I thoroughly enjoyed reading the advanced readers copy, all my opinion’s of The Babysitter are my own and totally unbiased.


Author Bio

Sheryl Browne brings you powerful psychological thriller and contemporary fiction. SheryI’s latest psychological thriller THE BABYSITTER – the first of a three-book deal – comes to you from fabulous BOOKOUTURE. A member of the Crime Writers’ Association and the Romantic Novelists’ Association, and previously writing for award winning Choc Lit, Sheryl has several books published and two short stories in Birmingham City University anthologies, where she completed her MA in Creative Writing.

So why does Sheryl write in two genres? Quoting E. L. Doctorow, Sheryl says: “Writing a novel is like driving a car at night. You can only see as far as your headlights…” This she thinks sums up a writer’s journey, you never quite know where you are going until you get there. You might start with an outline, but a strong character will always divert from the plot. If Sheryl’s not sure where a character is going, she simply has to trust him to show her the way. Plus, according to one reviewer, she also has a scary insight into the mind of a psychopath.

Please do find out more about Sheryl at www.sherylbrowne.com
Facebook https://www.facebook.com/SherylBrowne.Author/
and Twitter https://twitter.com/SherylBrowne