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Its futile to try, I’m not even going too, can I justify it, no I can’t, its a transgression I can’t vilify and I won’t let it pass my lips or my fingertips……..

Don’t try, just buy, its a psychological thriller which will leave you on a high

The Other Mother by J.A. Baker

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Book Description

Three troubled women. One deadly secret.

Lissy and her daughter, Rosie, live a quiet life in Yorkshire, however when events at Rosie’s school come to light, their peaceful existence is shattered.

Meanwhile, middle-aged women Erica and Beverley appear to have perfect lives but behind closed doors things are not as they seem.

All three women are tied together by a dark past that goes back to their school days. A child was murdered and one of the women is to blame.

But is the person responsible for the child’s death the same person who was blamed for it all those years ago?

As secrets from their past begin to surface it becomes clear that someone has revenge in their sights…

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My Review

The start is the hardest part to begin but its a necessity so I can come to the end.

There is never a truer saying, once I started The Other Mother the trepidation grew as I plundered the pages of my kindle, the more I accelerated the harder it was to stop, chapter after chapter until the story was told.

The Other Mother is the third of J.A Baker’s psychological thrillers, and beejeezus has it surpassed all expectations. I though nothing could beat her other two books but bloody hell I’m gobsmacked.

The flow of the plot seeped slowly through the chapters, gathering momentum before Wham it hits you in the face, your eyes dancing across the pages, the stealth of the very conundrum your trying to solve bouncing across your brain just out of reach no matter how much you try to grab for it.

Okay three characters, all women, one deadly secret, each and every thread building the characters are fraught with deceptive prowess, hidden agendas, a past, each one wishing to hide from, run from, but the past is catching up……… revenge, a dish best served cold.

There were several incidences where I held my breath uttering words like ‘OMG what’s that all about’, it was hilarious when even my hubby asked what I was reading that was making me so vocal, hahahaha.

Its so hard to abstain from revealing too much of The Other Mother, the plot is unquestionably about how much you would throw caution to the wind whilst being on the edge, clinging to the pages observing the past unfurrowing before my eyes. Can you find a way through, unravelling the detail that Judith has planted before you.

I’m not giving anything away, its too good to spoil, my advice to you is to go grab a copy, make yourself a drink, get settled and be prepared to lose a day or two, and file under the heading Read and Recover in a space in your head,

Well J.A Baker The Other Mother is phenomenal, I’m glad my pastime is reading, I hate to miss a great read, this blew me away.

Thanks to Bloodhound Books and J.A. Baker for the advanced readers copy to read and review. Thanks also go to Sarah Hardy for a spanking great BlogBlitz, I can hardly contain myself for any future releases.

Available to Buy

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Author Bio

Born in Middlesbrough too many years ago to mention, J. A. Baker developed a deep appreciation of literature and reading from a young age after being introduced to it by her parents. Weekly visits to the library were the norm and after being handed a collection of Edgar Allen Poe stories by her father, her love for the darker side of fiction slowly grew. She is an avid reader of all books but is drawn in particular, to psychological thrillers.

After many rejections (too many to mention!) her debut novel, Undercurrent, was published by Bloodhound Books in March 2017 and made it into the top 100 Amazon chart in both the UK and Canada. She is currently putting the finishing touches to her third novel and working on her fourth one.

J. A. Baker has four grown up children and lives in a village on the outskirts of Darlington with her husband Richard, and Theo, their barking mad dog.


Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/the writerjude/
Twitter – https://twitter.com/thewrite rjude
My website – http://www.jabakerauthor.co. uk/
Amazon – https://www.amazon.co.uk/J.A .-Baker/e/B06XSNWB4T/ref=sr_nt t_srch_lnk_1?qid=1505332991&sr =8-1



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