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Today I am lending a hand to close the Blog Tour for Snow Light by Danielle Zinn, with the help of three other smashing bloggers. Hope you enjoy the Blog Tour!

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Book Description

When Detective Inspector Nathaniel Thomas encounters a man attacking a young woman in a local park, the DI is unable to save her. Out of guilt, Thomas quits his job at Homicide Headquarters and relocates to the tiny village of Turtleville, where he regains control of himself and begins to enjoy life again. However, a year later, all the guilt and shame of the park murder re-emerges when a local hermit, Ethan Wright, is murdered with an unusual weapon and left on display in the centre of the village. For Thomas the situation gets worse when DS Ann Collins, a colleague from his past, appears to help with the case. But things become complicated when the victim’s identity is put into question.

Who is the victim? And why was he murdered? Thomas and Collins will find themselves trying to solve a highly unusual case and both may have more in common than they could have ever imagined.

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My Review

I never needed to ponder over Snow Light, the synopsis was an attraction straight off when deciding if I would be part of the amazing tour for Danielle, secondly was the cover, who doesn’t love a winters scene, I certainly wasn’t going to pass up on this opportunity. Bloodhound has a knack of finding amazing debut authors, Danielle Zinn is another exceptional discovery.

Snow Light opens with the main character Nathaniel Thomas, suffering flashbacks from an investigation he was previously involved in where he tried to save the life of a young woman, but was unable to do so and the woman in question died. The turmoil swirling through his brain causes him to quit his job in Homicide Headquarters and plant roots in Turtleville, a small village where he hides away and manages to salvage his sense of proprietary and learns to take control of his life again. All this is short-lived when the local hermit is found murdered and put on display in the centre of the village, unconsciously all his dark thoughts about the young woman who died re-emerges, sending him close to the edge. Thomas ends up working with DS Ann Collins, the last person he wanted to work with, DS Ann also has the unenviable position of working the case, can they manage to put there differences aside and solve this investigation.

Snow Light is an easy going book, I literally sat curled up on my settee, coffee in hand and absorbed the plot at a sedate pace, there was no need for the book to roar off at break neck speed, it wouldn’t have suited the style of writing Danielle was portraying.

I can’t believe that this book is a debut, Danielle has an immense talent which is showing through in spades in Snow Light, you would be forgiven for thinking Danielle had written other books. Lets hope there are many more to come and they are as enjoyable too read as Snow Light.

Thank you to Bloodhound Books, Danielle Zinn and Sarah Hardy for the advanced readers copy of Snow Light. Its been an honour to read Snowlight in exchange for an honest review.

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BioDanielle holds a BA (Hons) degree in Business and Management from New College Durham and after gaining some work experience in Wales and the USA, she settled down in Frankfurt am Main where she works as a Financial Controller at an IT Consultancy.
Born and raised in a small village in the Ore Mountains/Germany, Danielle was introduced to the world of English literature and writing from an early age on through her mother – an English teacher.

Her passion for sports, especially skiing and fencing, stems from her father’s side. Danielle draws her inspiration for writing from long walks in the country as well as circumnavigating the globe and visiting her friends scattered all over the world.

Mix everything together and you get “Snow Light”, her debut detective thriller combining a stunning wintry setting in the Ore Mountains with unique traditions, some sporty action and lots of suspense.





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