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#BlogBlitz #HerBestFriend #Bookouture, Her Best Friend by Sarah Wray.

I seem to be getting a tad carried away with myself, I’m thoroughly enjoying being part of the tours, its like read a book, have a party hahaha, well someone’s got to do it, thank you Bookouture, Noelle and Sarah Wray.


Amazon Links: UK http://amzn.to/2f7b24I
US http://amzn.to/2wDhAOD


You couldn’t have done anything to save her.
Or could you?

Sylvie Armstrong has been running from her past for twenty years – until her mother’s death forces her to return to her home town, along with her newborn daughter.

Overwhelmed by grief in her childhood home, Sylvie tries to block out the memories that surround her – but then someone leaves a gift on her doorstep: a gold necklace with a heart-shaped locket.

This locket belonged to Sylvie’s best friend, Victoria Preston – and she was wearing it the night she died. Now it’s back in Sylvie’s life…and it soon becomes clear that somebody knows what really happened to Victoria.

Sylvie has to know the truth. But is she in terrible danger?

A gripping, page-turning psychological thriller with a final twist that will leave you open-mouthed. Fans of Sophie Hannah, The Girl on the Train and Gone Girl will be hooked.

My Review

Gawd you could have blew me down with a feather, an intense thrill ride, produced from a slow burn, a purely explosive psychological thriller, sometimes a secret can’t stay hidden, can you uncover the secret before Sarah Wray calls time on Her Best Friend.

I was captivated by the whole premise of the plotline, but I can say I was a little nervous to begin with wondering can I really get my teeth in this book, but once I started turning the pages, I had nothing to fear but the end itself.

Well where to begin, Sylvie Armstrong has been in hiding, trying to escape her past, her best friend was murdered twenty years previously, now Sylvie has to return home, confront her past, the secrets and settle her mothers estate. Terror grips Sylvie when a locket Victoria wore on the night she died appears as a gift on her doorstep, who knows what happened, the secrets unravel as the truth becomes known.

Her Best friend fluctuates back and forth between 1995 when Victoria died and the present day, the insight into the friendship between Sylvie and Victoria helps set the scene but also starts to reveal the lies which hampered the original investigation. Following through to present day, Sam a journalist, uses his podcast to document the investigation, he interviewed various people uncovering more lies, it drove me batty thinking I knew who was the killer, only for my theory to blown out of the water.

I’m not completely sure if I connected with any of the characters but even so it didn’t do any damage to the plotline for me. They were all in my opinion unreliable, I mistrusted all of them, I never felt any of the characters were able speak the truth. The characters were carefully thought out and planned fitting well with the book but I didn’t really want to side with any of them, I think that’s part of the reason I was unsure about them. Overall the characterisation was spot on but not what I anticipated.

I thoroughly enjoyed Her Best Friend, the thrill of the ride, the slow building pace, creeping up to the rollercoaster high and throwing you deep into the secrets hoping to unravel the lies and find the killer. Wow what a psychological thriller!

Thank you to Bookouture and Noelle for allowing me the opportunity to be part of the Blog Blitz for Her Best Friend, thanks also to Sarah Wray for an advanced readers copy to read in exchange for an honest review.

Amazon Links: UK http://amzn.to/2f7b24I
US http://amzn.to/2wDhAOD

sarah wray

Author Bio:
Sarah Wray is originally from Yorkshire but now lives in Newcastle-upon-Tyne where she works as a technology writer and editor. She won a Northern Writers’ Award (Arvon Award) in 2015 for an early version of her first novel.

Author Social Media Links:
Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/sarahwraywrites/
Twitter:      https://twitter.com/Sarah_Wray
Website:     http://www.sarahwraywrites.co.uk/















 Now You See Me - Blog Tour

Two days of promoting Kierney Scott’s new release Now You See Me in a Blog Blitz with fellow Bloggers, I’m delighted to be part of the journey to spread the word about Kierney’s fantastic new book.



Author: Kierney Scott

Amazon Links: UK http://amzn.to/2gAyqYF
US http://amzn.to/2wAxw7C

Book Description:

As she saw his face for the first time, she knew he was going to kill her. She just didn’t know when.

When the dismembered body of Lydia Steiner is found washed up in the waters of a blisteringly hot Louisiana swamp, Detective Jess Bishop knows for certain this isn’t the murderer’s first kill.

Three other dismembered bodies have been found, all bearing the same marks. Marks that strike fear into Jess’s heart. They are identical to those from a case she’s spent her entire career trying to forget.

As Jess and her team try to link the victims, another body is discovered and they fear the serial killer is taunting them. They know it’s only a matter of time before he kills again.

As the body count rises, and the hunt goes cold, Jess knows she has to confront her past in order to catch the killer, even if that means making herself the bait…

Now You See Me is a gripping and heart-stopping thriller full of twists and perfect for fans of Robert Dugoni, Karin Slaughter, Robert Bryndza and Lisa Gardner.

My Review

The first hopefully of a continued series surrounding Detective Jess Bishop, Now You See Me by Kierney Scott. There is certainly plenty of scope to further advance the pursuits of Jess, so many questions are unanswered and each additional book could reveal more of Jess’s past and future.

Its easy to be ensnared in a new book and Now You See Me is no exception, the first couple of chapters help set the scene, at a nice slow pace but its not long before the thrills grip you and the pages begin to turn.

Detective Jess is called to a barbaric crime scene where a young mother is discover mutilated and decapitated, no identification and very few leads drag the investigation almost to a standstill, until evidence comes to light which identifies the victim as Lydia Steiner. The death of Lydia has all the hallmarks matching three other victims, is it the same person…….a serial killer. Jess has to contend with a change of partner, Alex Chan is reassigned, Jamison Briggs a previous partner returns from undercover and becomes embroiled in the case with Jess. Can Jess work with Jamison now that things have changed. Jess leads you uncertainly into a past which may prevent further deaths in the present, does Jess hold the key, will she risk everything and become bait to trap a killer.

Jess is a character with hidden depths, she’s antagonistic at times, intelligent but a little formidable proving difficult to approach, ultimately headstrong when it comes to decisions of a controversial nature. Even with all these slight character flaws its difficult not to take an interest in Jess as the book progresses, revealing the past she is trying so hard to hide.

I’m not going to say this is a fast paced book because its not, its steady, Lately the books I’ve read recently tended to rip roar along at a hunner miles an hour, I enjoyed the fact that Now You See Me didn’t, it was perfect due to the basis of this particular storyline making it easier for me to determine what was happening in the true sense.

Thank you to Bookouture and Noelle Holten for an advanced readers copy of Now You See Me by Kierney Scott in exchange for an honest review. Its been a pleasure Kierney Scott to read the first in the series surrounding Detective Jess Bishop and I look forward to reading more in the future.

Amazon Links: UK http://amzn.to/2gAyqYF
US http://amzn.to/2wAxw7C


Author Bio

Originally from California, Kierney Scott lives in Edinburgh, Scotland with her husband and their daughter.

In her spare time she likes to read and invent new recipes. Her stuffed peppers are particularly popular with her family, as are her grain-free chocolate chip cookies. In an effort to convert her family to the joys of pumpkin, she created the Great Pumpkin Challenge. For the ten weeks before Thanksgiving, they tried a new pumpkin recipe every week. Pumpkin arancini and pumpkin queso were a big hit. She has promised her daughter to never again roast pumpkin and call them chips.

She loves hearing from readers. If you would like to get in touch, you can email her at KierneyScott@gmail.com or follow her on twitter @Kierney_S

Author Social Media Links:
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/kierney.scott
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/kierneyscott/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/Kierney_S





Anna cover reveal for Thunderclap Theo cover reveal for Thunderclap

Bestseller @MrsAmandaProwse presents One Love. Two Stories. First read #Anna http://bit.ly/_Anna__ a girl you’ll fall in love with then read #Theo http://bit.ly/_Theo__ a boy looking for someone to love. Two worlds, two lives, two novels that collide to create a masterpiece.

ANNA: One Love, Two Stories

There are two sides to every love story…

Anna Cole may have grown up poor, but her mother’s love made her feel rich every day. When she died, Anna’s world shattered.

Then she met Theo: a shy man with kind eyes, who rebuilt her faith in love. But Theo has a past of his own. Can he really be Anna’s knight in shining armour if he has his own battles to fight?

From bestselling author Amanda Prowse, this is the gripping romance of Anna and Theo: One love, two stories.

THEO: One Love, Two Stories  

It’s the small things, the things that could go unnoticed, that built the man who fell in love with Anna Cole…

Theo Montgomery grew up surrounded by riches. His parents gave him everything – toys, holidays, clothes – but they missed out one key thing. Love.

Then he got stuck in a lift with a young women with neat dark hair and shy eyes, and everything changed.
From bestselling author Amanda Prowse, this is a romance that gives you both sides of the story.

Anna and Theo. One love, two stories.



Amanda Prowse is an International Bestselling author who has published sixteen novels in dozens of languages. Her recent chart topping No.1 titles ‘What Have I Done?’, ‘Perfect Daughter’ and ‘My Husband’s Wife’ have sold millions of copies around the world.

Other novels by Amanda Prowse include ‘A Mother’s Story’ which won the coveted Sainsbury’s eBook of the year Award and ‘Perfect Daughter’ that was selected as a World Book Night title in 2016. Amanda’s latest book ‘The Food of Love’ went straight to No.1 in Literary Fiction when it was launched in the USA and she has been described by the Daily Mail as ‘The Queen of Drama’ for her ability to make the reader feel as if they were actually in the story.

Now published by Lake Union, Amanda Prowse is the most prolific writer of contemporary fiction in the UK today; her titles also score the highest online review approval ratings for several genres.

A popular TV and radio personality, Amanda Prowse is a regular panellist on the Channel 5 show ‘The Wright Stuff’ and numerous daytime ITV programmes. She makes countless guest appearances on BBC and independent Radio stations where she is well known for her insightful observations of human nature and her infectious observational humour.

Become friends with Amanda on Facebook: AmandaProwseAuthor and follow her on Twitter: @MrsAmandaProwse or Instagram: @MrsAmandaProwse. For more information on her books, lifestyle and inspirational advice see www.amandaprowse.com

Amanda’s ambition is to create stories that keep people from turning the bedside lamp off at night, great characters that ensure you take every step with them and tales that fill your head so you can’t possibly read another book until the memory fades…


Dying Breath - Blog Tour

Its an absolute delight to be part of Helen Phifer’s Dying Breath Publication Day Blast with all the other bloggers today. Well lets get Dying Breath out there and share, share, share.




Amazon Links:  🇬🇧 UK http://amzn.to/2kwbxut
🇺🇸 US http://amzn.to/2y7pqEK

Book Description

Take a breath. Pray it’s not your last.

Just a few months after a terrifying case that nearly took her life, Detective Lucy Harwin is back with her squad in the coastal town of Brooklyn Bay – and this time, she’s faced with a case more horrifying than anything she’s encountered.

Along with her partner, Detective Mattie Jackson, Lucy is investigating what appears to be a vicious but isolated murder; a woman found bludgeoned to death on a lonely patch of wasteland.

But when a second victim is discovered strangled in an alleyway, then a young family shot in their own home, Lucy and the team must face the unthinkable reality – a killer is walking the streets of their quiet coastal town.

While Lucy and the team try to find the link between these seemingly unconnected murders, they uncover a disturbing truth – these murders are replicating those carried out by infamous serial killers.

Lucy must get to the killer before he strikes again. But he’s got his sights on her, and is getting ever closer… Can she save herself, before she becomes the final piece in his twisted game?

Book Review

I actually can’t believe it for the second in the series of Detective Lucy Harwin, Dying Breath blew me away, Bloody WoW, blood, guts and gore, couldn’t ask for more, could I, yes I can the next in the series please.

I don’t know what’s been happening lately but, there has been astounding amount of exceptional books that I’ve got my teeth into and found unquestionably phenomenal, what makes Dying Breath just as special……lets have a look shall we.

Dying Breath opens with a belter, the discovery of a woman on waste ground bludgeoned to death, it seemingly looks like an isolated incident until a surge of other murders occur, a strangulation, then the shooting of a family in their home. What’s the connection, Detective Lucy Harwin struggles to find a reason behind it, no obvious signs of a link to each victim, the evidence is weak at best. As the investigation progresses it becomes evident that there is a pattern emerging, who ever is committing theses crimes imitating previous serial killers. Can Harwin apprehend the culprit before more abhorrent deaths occur.

Now I have the jist of the plotline I want to look a bit more at Lucy, during the investigation her boss becomes ill and DI Baker steps into a temporary role as Acting DCI, Lucy finds him incorrigible and demanding even during the critical case they are trying to unravel. I really like Lucy she is a sensitive, spunky but dedicated all in one bundle, perfect for this book. Its been a nice change not to read about a Detective who has no major personality issues.

Dying Breath has a complex plotline fleeting backwards and forwards in time, but not so much you would notice, as the actual book holds your attention so much I never really noticed it, it did work well as it was imperative to understanding the plot. Helen has a written an infallible plot which is macabre, unsettling and downright spine-chilling raising goosebumps as I turned each page.

As I ploughed my way through Dying Breath trying to unravel the clues, hurdle the red-herrings which seemed to trip me up at each cut and turn, the sheer intensity had me snatching for breath. Dying Breath doesn’t rip roar but rather unfolds at a sedate pace, building the story piece by piece, leaving the feeling of anticipation cascading through my imagination. I’m gobsmacked at how much Helen twisted the plot, fulfilling my need for an adrenaline rush.

Thanks to Noelle, Kim and Bookouture for arranging the Blog Blast for Dying Breath and an advanced readers copy in exchange for an honest and unbiased review. Thanks also to Helen Phifer for taking me down a road that had me looking over my shoulder, trembling but thrilling at the same time with every turn of the page.

Helen Phifer author picture

Author Bio

Helen Phifer lives in a small town called Barrow-in-Furness with her husband and five children.

Helen has always loved writing and reading. Her love of horror films and novels is legendary. Helen adores reading books which make the hair on the back of her neck stand on end. Unable to find enough scary stories to read she decided to write her own.

Helen’s debut novel ‘The Ghost House’ was published by Carina UK in October 2013 and went on to become a best seller along with the rest of the Annie Graham series. The Secrets of the Shadows, The Forgotten Cottage, The Lake House, The Girls in the Woods and The Face Behind the Mask.

The Good Sisters is a standalone horror story which will scare the pants off you or so her lovely readers have told her. It scared Helen when she was writing it so she pretty much agrees with them.

March 2017 saw the release of psychological thriller Dark House (previously called The Lost Children), book 1 in the Detective Inspector Lucy Harwin series. Book 2 – Dying Breath is due for release in Nov 2017.

Author Social Media Links:
Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/Helenphifer1
Instagram:    https://www.instagram.com/helenphifer
Twitter:       https://twitter.com/helenphifer1
Website:     https://www.helenphifer.com


Follow the tour: #H2P #HellToPay HELL TO PAY by RACHEL AMPHLETT

NEW Banner Week Two

Follow the tour: #H2P #HellToPay @RachelAmphlett @EmmaMitchellFPR

Its an honour and a privilege to be part of the #BlogTour Hell To Pay by Rachel Amphlett, I can’t thank Emma enough for inviting me on the Tour, thanks for the opportunity Emma.

hell to pay cover

Hell to Pay (Detective Kay Hunter crime thriller series Book 4)

Imprint: Saxon Publishing
Publication date: 16 November 2017
Availability: Worldwide
ISBN eBook: 978-0-9945479-5-8
ISBN paperback: 978-0-9945479-4-1

Hell to Pay (Detective Kay Hunter series) by Rachel Amphlett


When a road traffic accident on a dark autumn night uncovers a disturbing conspiracy, Detective Sergeant Kay Hunter’s investigation exposes a ruthless serial killer exploiting vulnerable young women.

With her enemies unmasked and her career spiralling out of control, Kay’s determination to seek vengeance for the victims brings her dangerously close to those who want to silence her.

Undeterred, she uncovers the real reason behind a plot to destroy her career and sets in motion a terrifying chain of events.

Could Kay’s need for revenge be her undoing, or will she survive to see justice served?

Hell to Pay is a gripping fast paced crime thriller, and the fourth in the Detective Kay Hunter series:


A page-turning whodunit for fans of Peter Robinson, David Baldacci and James Patterson.
Praise for the Kay Hunter series:

“Thrilling start to a new series. Scared to Death is a stylish, smart and gripping crime thriller”

Robert Bryndza, USA Today bestselling author of The Girl in the Ice.

Contact details

Email: info@rachelamphlett.com
Website: www.rachelamphlett.com
Twitter: @RachelAmphlett
Facebook: Rachel Amphlett

My Review

Hell To Pay by Rachel Amphlett is the fourth in series centred around Detective Sergeant Kay Hunter and its a Belter. With every book in the series more proficient than the last trying to keep up is a challenge in itself, but do you know what Rachel I’m up for your challenge, bring on book 5.

Hell To Pay opens with DS Kay being dragged out of bed in the middle of the night for what seems to be a run of the mill traffic accident, but an abhorrent scene awaits them, is all as it seems, or have they missed a vital piece and a serial killer roams free. Kay must use all the resources available to her to apprehend the persons responsible, the investigation draws little evidence or suspects and Kay draws herself deeper into danger.

The killer is clever, will they make a mistake, time will tell………. Time is running out.

Oh how I love Kay as a character, she is different to other detectives I’ve read about lately, I seemed to have read non stop about unhinged, obnoxious Detectives, Kay is a breath of fresh air. Kay is dedicated to her job, her team and her relationship with Adam, she has a steadfast inner strength which seems infallible, a bender of rules but with a loyalty to her team, but Kay also shows she has a softer side which comes to the fore when in the company of her boyfriend Adam. I could quite happily sit in Kays company, be a friend, but only if Rachel allowed it.

Hell To Pay has driven me round the bend, the deception, the intricate webs, I tangled myself up in trying to decipher the clues. Rachel managed to distract me away from the true killer with the sheer amount of plausible red herrings. I always endeavour to be the one who catches the killer before the detective but if I’m honest that doesn’t happen very often, and true to form I certainly didn’t break my duck with Hell To Pay.

If you want the thrill of your life, short explosive chapters, an intoxicating and electrifying read from the first word written to the last full stop, Hell To Pay will take you there.  There is so many things I could say about Hell To Pay, but I want you taste the words, absorb the plot, breath in the brink as you dangle over the edge, until Rachel snatches you back at the last moment in anticipation for Book 5.

Just a wee reminder of the all the books in Detective Sergeant Kay Hunter series, go on grab yourself the series and read, read, Read.

1. Scared To Death
2. Will To Live
3. One To Watch
4. Hell To Pay

Thank you to Emma Mitchell for the invitation to join the Blog tour for Hell To Pay by Rachel Amphlett, it has been a pleasure to be involved in the tour. I received an advanced readers copy in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.

rachel amphlett

Email: info@rachelamphlett.com
Skype: rachel.amphlett1
Twitter: @RachelAmphlett
Instagram: @RachelAmphlett
Facebook: Rachel Amphlett

Author Bio

Rachel Amphlett is the bestselling author of the Dan Taylor espionage novels and the new Detective Kay Hunter series, as well as a number of standalone crime thrillers.

Originally from the UK and currently based in Brisbane, Australia, Rachel’s novels appeal to a worldwide audience, and have been compared to Robert Ludlum, Lee Child and Michael Crichton.

She is a member of International Thriller Writers and the Crime Writers Association, with the Italian foreign rights for her debut novel, White Gold, being sold to Fanucci Editore’s TIMECrime imprint in 2014, and the first four books in the Dan Taylor espionage series contracted to Germany’s Luzifer Verlag in 2017.

Praise for Rachel Amphlett

“Thrilling start to a new series. Scared to Death is a stylish, smart and gripping crime thriller” ~ Robert Bryndza, USA Today bestselling author of The Girl in the Ice

“Scared to Death… moves along at breakneck speed with twists and turns” ~ Angela Marsons, bestselling author of the Detective Kim Stone crime thriller series

As featured on ABC 612 Brisbane – listen here: https://soundcloud.com/abc_radio/rachel-amphlett-female-thriller-writer
As featured on BBC Radio Kent – listen here: http://www.rachelamphlett.com/uploads/7/7/9/0/7790161/rachel_amplett_on_bbc_rk.mp3



Dying Day Blog Tour

Well this has certainly a busy week for little ole me, another Blog Blitz courtesy of Bookouture and Noelle Holten, an boy am I excited to be included in reviewing Dying Day by Stephen Edger.


Book Description

Some mistakes you live with. Others you die for…

When the body of a young woman is found in the boot of an abandoned car near the Southampton Docks, Detective Kate Matthews is ordered to stay well away from the scene.

Exactly a year ago, Amy, a junior detective on Kate’s team, was murdered when she was sent undercover to catch a serial killer targeting young girls. Kate never forgave herself for letting the killer slip through her fingers and her team are worried this coincidence might push her over the edge…

When another girl’s body is uncovered days later with similar bruising around the neck, Kate launches an investigation of her own, determined to connect new evidence to the old to catch this monster before more innocent lives are taken…

Mysterious sympathy cards sent to the victims’ families finally lead Kate to the twisted individual from her past. But if she’s found the killer, why does the body count keep rising? 

An absolutely heart-stopping crime thriller that will have you sleeping with the lights on. Perfect for fans of Robert Dugoni, James Patterson and M.J. Arlidge. 

Amazon Links:

🇬🇧 UK: http://amzn.to/2fJia7n
🇺🇸 US: http://amzn.to/2ga427Q

My Review

Oh My, Oh My, Oh My, can someone find my heartbeat Stephen Edger sent my heart into overdrive with Dying Day, a whooping 5 star read and so much more. Well I never, I  thought Dead To Me the first in the Detective Kate Matthews series couldn’t  be beaten or equalled, but Dying Day has surpassed my expectations.

There’s a serial killer on the loose preying on young women, it has all the defining hallmarks of Amy’s killer, but can Kate get her boss to listen. After being warned away from the investigation Detective Kate begins to tread a path of self-destruction with her insubordination, to the point she is almost villainous in her attempts to catch her colleague Amy’s murderer.

Detective Kate is pushing all the boundaries, how far can she go.

The character of Kate is hard to comprehend, she is a hard nut to crack, but of all her flaws and inconsistencies she is in a sense growing on me. Kate is like a dog with a bone (excuse the pun) once she has her teeth into something she wont let go and its to hell with everyone else. I think if we were to step back and look at Kate, warts and all I think we would all see a tiny piece of ourselves in there.

Dying Day is a fast-paced thriller which had me turning the pages faster and faster, absorbing the intensity of the plot. I felt like I was on a roller coaster, you know the saying scream if you wanna go faster, that’s how Dying Day made me feel, but as always nearing the end of the book, I try to throw on the skids to prevent it ending, ultimately I know it has to, I want to know.

Thank you to Bookouture, Stephen Edger and Noelle for an advanced readers copy of Dying Day allowing me to read and review for the Blog Blitz.

Stephen Edger Profile photo (b&w)

Author Bio

Stephen Edger is a British crime writer, who has been writing since 2010. In that time he has written and published eleven novels, and five short stories. He writes mysteries and thrillers focused on crime.

Stephen was born in the north-east of England, grew up in London, but has lived in Southampton since attending university in the year 2000. Stephen works in the financial industry, and uses his insider knowledge to create the plots of his books. He also has a law degree, which gives him a good understanding of the inner workings of the UK justice system.

Stephen is married, and has two children, and two dogs. He is passionate about reading and writing, and cites Simon Kernick and John Grisham as major influences on his writing style.

Author Social Media Links:
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ AuthorStephenEdger/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/ StephenEdger
Website: https://www.stephenedger.com/




BLOG BLITZ (2) (1)

Today I am lending a hand to close the Blog Tour for Snow Light by Danielle Zinn, with the help of three other smashing bloggers. Hope you enjoy the Blog Tour!

snowlight FINAL tagline

Book Description

When Detective Inspector Nathaniel Thomas encounters a man attacking a young woman in a local park, the DI is unable to save her. Out of guilt, Thomas quits his job at Homicide Headquarters and relocates to the tiny village of Turtleville, where he regains control of himself and begins to enjoy life again. However, a year later, all the guilt and shame of the park murder re-emerges when a local hermit, Ethan Wright, is murdered with an unusual weapon and left on display in the centre of the village. For Thomas the situation gets worse when DS Ann Collins, a colleague from his past, appears to help with the case. But things become complicated when the victim’s identity is put into question.

Who is the victim? And why was he murdered? Thomas and Collins will find themselves trying to solve a highly unusual case and both may have more in common than they could have ever imagined.

Available to Buy

Amazon UK

Amazon US

My Review

I never needed to ponder over Snow Light, the synopsis was an attraction straight off when deciding if I would be part of the amazing tour for Danielle, secondly was the cover, who doesn’t love a winters scene, I certainly wasn’t going to pass up on this opportunity. Bloodhound has a knack of finding amazing debut authors, Danielle Zinn is another exceptional discovery.

Snow Light opens with the main character Nathaniel Thomas, suffering flashbacks from an investigation he was previously involved in where he tried to save the life of a young woman, but was unable to do so and the woman in question died. The turmoil swirling through his brain causes him to quit his job in Homicide Headquarters and plant roots in Turtleville, a small village where he hides away and manages to salvage his sense of proprietary and learns to take control of his life again. All this is short-lived when the local hermit is found murdered and put on display in the centre of the village, unconsciously all his dark thoughts about the young woman who died re-emerges, sending him close to the edge. Thomas ends up working with DS Ann Collins, the last person he wanted to work with, DS Ann also has the unenviable position of working the case, can they manage to put there differences aside and solve this investigation.

Snow Light is an easy going book, I literally sat curled up on my settee, coffee in hand and absorbed the plot at a sedate pace, there was no need for the book to roar off at break neck speed, it wouldn’t have suited the style of writing Danielle was portraying.

I can’t believe that this book is a debut, Danielle has an immense talent which is showing through in spades in Snow Light, you would be forgiven for thinking Danielle had written other books. Lets hope there are many more to come and they are as enjoyable too read as Snow Light.

Thank you to Bloodhound Books, Danielle Zinn and Sarah Hardy for the advanced readers copy of Snow Light. Its been an honour to read Snowlight in exchange for an honest review.

PHOTOGRAPH_black white_Danielle Zinn


BioDanielle holds a BA (Hons) degree in Business and Management from New College Durham and after gaining some work experience in Wales and the USA, she settled down in Frankfurt am Main where she works as a Financial Controller at an IT Consultancy.
Born and raised in a small village in the Ore Mountains/Germany, Danielle was introduced to the world of English literature and writing from an early age on through her mother – an English teacher.

Her passion for sports, especially skiing and fencing, stems from her father’s side. Danielle draws her inspiration for writing from long walks in the country as well as circumnavigating the globe and visiting her friends scattered all over the world.

Mix everything together and you get “Snow Light”, her debut detective thriller combining a stunning wintry setting in the Ore Mountains with unique traditions, some sporty action and lots of suspense.





The First One to Die - Blog Tour

Aaaah to be part of a Bookouture Blog Blitz, who would have thought it, I still can’t believe they let me in, hahaha. I know I’ve taken part previously but I’m so excited to be part of the gang now, I always thought someone would pinch me and the dream would be over, but I’m here with a great bunch of bloggers.

Okay lets get this Blog Blitz for The First One to Die by Victoria Jenkins onto the internet highway, after all its Publication Day.


The First One To Die
Victoria Jenkins

Book Description

Four friends. A house full of secrets. And a killer picking them off one by one…

‘She tried to break her fall, twisting desperately, but there was nothing to catch hold of, nothing with which she could stop herself. Her single scream cut through the night air.’

One hot summer night, a young woman falls from a rooftop to her death. Detective Alex King is called to the quiet terraced street.

The victim, Keira North, was twenty, happy and carefree. It seems like an accident, but there’s broken glass on the carpet, and witnesses overheard an argument. Could someone have wanted her dead?

Keira’s friends don’t seem as helpful as Alex would expect and the post-mortem reveals that Keira was hiding a secret: she was five months pregnant. Alex’s team soon finds that all of Keira’s closest friends have secrets that someone might kill to keep.

As Alex realises Keira might be just the first victim on a list, her leads take her a bit too close to home. With her own demons to fight, can Alex catch the killer, before someone else dies?

The First One to Die is a heart-stopping and shocking detective thriller that will have you gripped until the very last page. Perfect for fans of Patricia Gibney, Angela Marsons, and Val McDermid.

Amazon Links:
UK: http://amzn.to/2uKLBQu
US: http://amzn.to/2w4XaC6

My Review

The First One To Die is the second in the series following Detectives King & Lane by Victoria Jenkins and what a cracker it is. How many of you love a fantastic cover, well the illustration on the cover of Victoria’s newest release is outstanding, the single dying rose amongst the living is so serene and spine-chilling, you can’t help but open the book and read.

In The First One To Die, the sense of anticipation is foreboding, turning those first couple of pages, then wham your first death. A young student Kiera North falls to her death, was it an accident or foul play, its up to Detectives King & Lane to uncover the truth. Crucial evidence is lost due to the scene being compromised and its a race against time as more deaths occur, what’s the connection between the flatmates, more to the point who wants them dead.

There’s a multitude of characters within the book, some who are downright obnoxious and you could quite easily rip them from the pages without feeling any remorse, but then in balance to this there is some that I thought were strong and meticulous in personality and demeanour. I particularly liked Chloe, even with her past altercations she proved to be strong and resilient in character with a shade contrite, which showed in her relationships at work and personal life. Alec on the other hand is spirited, assertive in her outwardly character but she hides behind a mask of vulnerability a lot of which is due to failed relationships.

As I ploughed my way through, the twists came thick and fast, snapping my neck as the plot intensifies. At times I was caught out, a twist would creep up on me that I didn’t see coming, causing me to snatch my breath and re-think where Victoria was leading me.

I’m not going to pour every piece of detail about The First One To Die into my review, I want to leave a huge big bite of the book for you to discover and enjoy.

Thank you to Victoria Jenkins and Bookouture for an advanced readers copy of The First To Die the read in exchange for an honest and unbiased review. Many thanks go to Noelle Holten for the opportunity to be part of the Blog Blitz today.

Victoria Jenkins Author Photo

Author Bio:
Victoria Jenkins lives with her husband in South Wales, where she writes crime fiction and teaches English. The Girls in the Water is her debut novel, the first featuring Detective Inspector Alex King and Detective Constable Chloe Lane. The second book in the series will be published in late 2017.

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Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/victoriajenkinswriter/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/vicwritescrime




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Today I would like to welcome The Puppet Master by Abigail Osborne into the world of psychological thrillers, and a big thank you to Sarah Hardy and Bloodhound Books for the opportunity to read and review this fantastic book.

I’m thrilled to be part of the Blog Blitz opening The Puppet Master today, in good company joining in with a fantastic bunch of book bloggers.

Abigail Osborne - The Puppet Master_cover_1

Book Synopsis

Billie is hiding from the world in fear of a man who nearly destroyed her. But a chance meeting with budding journalist, Adam, sparks a relationship that could free her from her life of isolation and fear.

Unbeknown to Billie, Adam knows exactly who Billie is and is determined to expose her and get justice for the lives he believes she has ruined. But first, he needs to convince her to open up to him. As an unwanted attraction blossoms between them, Adam comes to realise that all is not as it seems.

Who is really pulling the strings? And are Adam and Billie both being played?

One thing is for sure, The Master wants his puppets back – and he’ll do anything to keep them.

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My Review

The Puppet Master by Abigail Osborne is a superb psychological thriller which could compete easily with the big boys in the book charts. An intense but sometimes harrowing tale of Billie’s escape from a dark past which always seems to rest on the fringes of her life.

Billie has ostracised herself from society, living in fear and isolation, believing that if she doesn’t integrate with people she can’t be hurt and no-one would know what happened in her past. Life changes and Billie’s guard is let down when she meets Adam, a journalist, but has Adam the best intentions for Billie or is there an ulterior motive. As I continued to read I discovered that Adam was gaining feelings for Billie, but he was trying to contain them, he wanted answers, the truth and he was going to get it by any means necessary.

Puppet-master (noun)

a person, group, or country that covertly controls another

The Puppet Master deceived me slightly into believing Billie was a mild, meek and woeful woman, but in reality she is actually strong, it took a profound amount of courage for Billie to escape her tumultuous past. The Puppet Master may be pulling the strings, manipulating from the side-lines but its only a matter of time until past and present collide.

Manipulate (verb)

control or influence (a person or situation) cleverly or unscrupulously

I was amazed at how well the book flowed between the two characters Billie and Adam, the transition between the past and the present, adapting their lives and slowly unfolding the drama. I loved how I was guided through some very heart-wrenching scenarios, a lot of which are still taboo to talk about. The descriptions although distressing were accurate and not sensationalised, which helped to understand grief, suicide, abuse and bullying from the perspective of each character, the author and in ways our own understanding.

Caught off guard on several occasions, I felt The Puppet Master gnawing through the dark recesses of my brain, wanting to take control. Slowly exuding an exceptional feeling of calmness. The Puppet Master was controlling my thoughts, determining the pace, sensing my imagination, delving deep into my world and dominating my every waking moment.

The Puppet Master took over my world until the last turn of the page, several days on, the book is still stalking the confines of my mind.

Thank you to Abigail Osborne and Bloodhound Books for an advanced readers copy of The Puppet Master to read in exchange for an honest review. Thanks also to Sarah Hardy for letting me loose on another Blog Blitz, won’t be long before we do it all over again I’m sure.


Author Bio

Abigail is originally from the Lake District but moved to the West Midlands for University where she completed an English Literature & History degree and also met her husband. She is a passionate reader and has an unsustainable collection of books. This obsession with books has led to her creating her own Dewey decimal system and she has been known to issue fines to family and friends if her book is not returned on time. ‘The Puppet Master’ is Abigail’s debut novel and has unleashed a passion for writing. When not writing or reading Abigail is usually playing her violin or hiding from her much too energetic cats. She also works as a Needs Assessor for disabled university students in the West Midlands.


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/abigailosborneauthor/
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Webpage: http://abigailosborne.co.uk/






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Well I’ll be damned, its my birthday today and I also have the privilege to be part of the Blog Blitz Tour for Scream Blue Murder by Tony J. Forder, published by Bloodhound Books. Wow Sarah Hardy thanks for the invite to participate, a great book and a fantastic day, how can it possibly get any better.

Tony J Forder - Scream Blue Murder_cover_1

Book Synopsis

Mike Lynch is going through hard times. But things get much worse when he witnesses a murder in a lay-by. Snatching the victim’s car in order to get away, Mike soon makes a shocking discovery – the victim’s young daughter and her nanny are hiding in the rear footwell. This is when the real trouble begins.

Mike wants to go to the police, but the nanny, Melissa, wants to delay until the daughter, Charlie, is somewhere safe. Mike agrees to this request before finding out the seriousness of the situation, and just how much danger they are really in.

Who exactly was the man he saw murdered? And who is the man he saw pulling the trigger?

In a situation where nothing is what it seems, Mike will have to fight for his life to protect a woman and a child he doesn’t know. And when the death count rises, he will discover what kind of man he really is.

Available to Buy

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My Review

Well I’m ticked pink to have had a chance to read Scream Blue Murder, a riveting read that spirals out of this world and back again, a perfect cryptic plot that will have your head spinning.

Scream Blue Murder by Tony J. Forder an adrenaline packed thriller with a prologue which will blow you away. As we follow the path of Mike Lynch, a man who is down on his luck, driving back from a failed interview Mike stumbles across a gangland shooting, execution style, but is it all as it seems. Escaping the horrifying scene, Mike discovers Melissa and Charlie hiding in the car, now he’s not on his own, escaping for their lives Mike has baggage he must protect.

Following the plot I couldn’t believe how many times I was dragged through the scenes kicking and screaming, hiding my eyes, peering through my fingers, not knowing who was involved, so many fingers pointed in different directions. Wow I loved it.

Mike has a hidden character, who is Mike? I found Mike to be downtrodden and dejected to begin with, but with Melissa’s and Charlie’s safety in hands a certain roughness in his character develops as the book progresses. Mike is certainly one for the girlies out there, a very likeable, engaging and a tiny bit moody soul, a fantastically charming hero which I think we would all quite happily allow to save us.

Tony J. Forder has written a complex plot which will delve deep into the darkest corners of your mind, stuffed full of tension seizing every thought process and sending ripples of electric thrills through your imagination.

Thanks go to Tony J. Forder and Bloodhound Books for the advanced readers copy in exchange for my unbiased and honest review. Cheers Sarah Hardy for another cracking book to review and my spot on the Blog Blitz.


Author Bio

Tony J Forder is the author of the critically acclaimed crime thriller Bad to the Bone, the first in a series featuring DI Jimmy Bliss and DC Penny Chandler. The second book in the series will be released in 2018, with a third currently in progress.

On 19 September 2017, Tony’s dark, psychological crime thriller, Degrees of Darkness, featuring ex-detective Frank Rogers, was also published by Bloodhound Books. This was intended to be a stand-alone novel, but Tony is now considering the possibility of a follow-up.

On 8 November, Bloodhound Books will publish Tony’s new fast-paced action thriller, Scream Blue Murder. This is the first novel in an intended series, and has received praise from both Mason Cross and Matt Hilton.

Some years ago, Tony won a short story competition judged by an editor from Pan Books. The story, Gino’s Bar and Grille, went on to be published in Dark Voices 2, part of the celebrated Pan Book of Horror series. Three further short story sales followed: Book End, published in Dark Voices 4, Character Role, in FEAR magazine, and finally A Grim Story, which featured in A Rattler’s Tale. It was the start of Tony’s publishing journey.

Tony is signed to Bloodhound Books for a minimum of four books, but believes there is much more to come.

Author Links:

Amazon Author Page: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Tony- J-Forder/e/B01N4BPT65/ref=sr_n tt_srch_lnk_1?qid=1490529612&s r=8-1-spell

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/tonyj forder/?fref=ts


Twitter: https://twitter.com/TonyJForde r?lang=en-gb