Its my pleasure to be part of the Blog Blitz alongside some amazing bloggers today for Death Parts Us by Alex Walters published by Bloodhound Books, who without a doubt seem to be finding and dishing out some sensational authors and books.

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Book Description

Twenty years ago, Jackie Galloway was a senior cop with a bad reputation. Then he ended up on the wrong side of the wrong people, and his career was ruined. Sacked and with no pension, he ends up eking out his last days on Scotland’s Black Isle, his mind lost to dementia, supported only by his long-suffering wife, Bridie.

Then Galloway is found dead. The police assume the death to be accidental, until Bridie Galloway reveals that her husband has been receiving apparently threatening letters containing only the phrase: ‘NOT FORGOTTEN. NOT FORGIVEN.’

DI Alec McKay is struggling to come to terms with life without his estranged wife Chrissie, and is living in isolation on the Black Isle. As a junior officer, McKay had been allocated to Galloway’s team and has bad memories of the man and his methods. Now he finds himself investigating Galloway’s death.

But when suspicion falls on him and more police officers are murdered, the pressure is on for McKay to solve the case.

Why would the killer seek revenge twenty years after Galloway left the force?

As McKay fights to link the events of past and present, he realizes that time is rapidly running out…

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My Review

When I first laid eyes on Death Parts Us by Alex Walters, I was drawn to the cover, it is such an eerie scene of the rocks and the sea, it felt as though the sea was actually undulating in front of my eyes drawing into my very soul.

The cover was just the start to Alex’s story….

Death Parts Us the second book in the Alec McKay series, the first being Candles and Roses. I wouldn’t say it was necessary to read as part of the series as Death Parts Us does well as a standalone as it contains enough back story to be able to follow the characters.

The story is centred around the rugged Black Isle, Scotland where its cold, damp but  undeniably beautiful, a perfect setting for a serial killer based police procedural. Ex-police officers are being killed, the finger of suspicion points at one of their own, DI Alec McKay has more questions than answers, why kill them now and who wants them dead, what is the connection. All the clues steadily piece together, with red herrings thrown in to leave you feeling bamboozled, misleading signs which suddenly tear you off in another direction, but throughout it all, just when I thought I had the answers the conclusion blew me out of the water.

McKay is a family man, who’s life is in crisis, a family tragedy and a breakdown in his marriage, now it appears he may lose it all including his career, Alec needs to find the killer and fast. It was funny imagining McKay, his accent, his sarcasm, his undeniable  wit but one thing was for sure was that McKay settled in my mind in a clear and unobstructed manner. I could project him vividly as if I was standing in the pages with him, looking at the crime scenes, feeling it, seeing it, smelling it, being part of it.

When opening the book I didn’t know what to expect, there is always apprehension when starting out with a new author. While reading Death Parts Us I didn’t find it particularly fast paced but I didn’t care, I actually savoured the story, like I was tasting something new with my eyes.

Where are Bloodhound Books finding the authors lately there has been some amazing books come my way and this one is no exception. Thank you to Bloodhound Books, Alex Walters and Sarah Hardy for the invite onto the Blog Blitz Tour to read and review an advanced readers copy of Death Parts Us in exchange for an honest review.

I hope to hear more from Alex Walters in the very near future, a new author who is now firmly on my radar.


Author Bio

Alex Walters is the author of the DI Alec McKay series set in Scotland’s Black Isle—Candles and Roses and Death Parts Us. He has also written three books set in and around Manchester—Trust No-One and Nowhere to Hide featuring the undercover officer, Marie Donovan, and Late Checkout, which introduced DCI Kenny Murrain. As Michael Walters, he also published three crime novels set in modern-day Mongolia, The Shadow Walker, The Adversary and The Outcast, which are currently being reprinted in new reedited Alex Walters editions.  Alex has previously worked in the oil industry, broadcasting and banking and now, alongside his writing, runs a consultancy working mainly in the criminal justice sector with police, prisons and probation.   After many years in Manchester he’s in the process of moving to the Highlands with his wife, occasional sons and too many cats.




Twitter: @mikewalters60

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