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Her Dark Path by Ken Ogilvie
16 years ago Rebecca Bradley’s mother was murdered. Rebecca was only eight years old. The killer has never been caught. Growing up, Rebecca vowed that one day she would track him down and make him pay.

Now Rebecca is a young police woman in Ontario. She wants to become a homicide detective. Her first investigation is the cold case of a woman who vanished for 16 days and then was found dead in her own home. The brutal crime shocks the small Canadian town of Conroy.

The puzzling case has uncanny similarities to the murder of Rebecca’s mother. Both victims were found strangled in their own kitchens.

Can Rebecca keep her emotions together as she closes in on a killer with connections to her family and tragic past? And will she finally get justice for her mother?

Discover a new crime writer who will have you gripped till the pulsating end.


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Her Dark Path is a debut crime thriller for new author Ken Ogilvie, on first glance into the synopsis I thought wow its right up my street, I’m going to enjoy following the lead character Rebecca Bradley. Ken certainly didn’t disappoint.

After an unassuming but slow burn the book gathered pace and built to an inferno where I was grasping my kindle tighter trying to believe what was unfolding in front of my eyes.

The whole scenario of the book, in my opinion, was focused on Rebecca a young woman whose mother was murdered sixteen years previously when she was aged just eight and her quest to uncover the culprit responsible. Rebecca became a policewoman and progressed up through the ranks to become Acting Detective Constable following a cold case in Conway, which her superior Superintendent Cartwright was unable to solve. The case with its similarities to the death of her mother proves to be the nudge Rebecca needs to demonstrate her ability to become one of the best detectives.

Each chapter began with a brief snippet from Rebecca’s diary as she forges her path through life after her mothers death. Each of the diary entries describes a piece of invaluable insight into the woman Rebecca has become, from her progression through the police academy, her misplaced relationship with her former tutor and now present day boss Cartwright, also her fragile affinity with her father.

Another worthwhile character in Her Dark Path whom I loved reading about was Hound, he seemed a quiet but gentle giant of a man almost magical in some ways. I couldn’t put my finger on why I thought there was a lot more to Hound, we didn’t know a lot about him, he was quite distant when talking about his own family. Hopefully when Ken writes the next in the series (fingers crossed) then we will learn more about Rebecca and Hound, I certainly look forward to it if that’s the case.

Rebecca befriends the townsfolk of Conway eventually who initially did anything they could to detract from offering any assistance with closing the case involving the murder of Angela McBride. Who holds the key to the murder and what conspiracies lie within Conway a town of secrets and lies, turning the pages reveals more and more deception but can Rebecca identify the truth…..

If I could describe this book in one word I would but its just impossible.

Her Dark Path wets yours passion for crime, giving you a taster, an insight for what’s to come, but before you know it your literally salivating turning the pages craving answers. If you like a slow burn which bursts into an inferno of lies, questionable business dealings, blackmail and murder, then Her dark Path is right up your alley.

I would like to thank Joffe Books, Ken Ogilvie and Jill Burkinshaw for the opportunity to read and review an advanced readers copy of Her Dark Path in exchange for an honest review.

Ken Ogilvie

Author Bio

I began my fiction writing as a novice, but I had extensive writing experience in technical and policy areas, and I was a ferocious editor of staff reports at Pollution Probe. Novel writing would come naturally to me, or so I thought (incorrectly). I wrote half of a really crappy science-fiction book, and then struggled over whether to continue. But I’m not a quitter, so I shelved that book for the time being, took a deep breath, and hit the reset button.

I’m currently an independent environmental policy consultant, working from home in Toronto, Canada, although I’m on the road a lot. Recent consulting contracts of mine include preparing a case study designed to be used by the Said Business School, University of Oxford, on the province of Alberta’s recent transition towards being a climate policy leader in Canada, and I’ve done research and ran workshops on the creation of a new Canadian Energy Information Organization. I serve on the Boards of Directors for two leading environmental and energy organizations – the Pembina Institute for Appropriate Development, and Quality Urban Energy Systems of Tomorrow (QUEST). And when spare time and suitable opponents permit, I play the odd game of chess, which was a passion of mine in younger days.



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