A Man With Quite A Talent

David McCaffrey a man with quite a talent, an author who has surprised and surpassed any expectation I ever had from an unknown author. I never knew David until I joined a book club on Facebook earlier this year, Crime Book Club, where it was by chance that I had the opportunity to read and review David’s books, Hellbound and In Extremis a short novella.


Hellbound is David’s debut novel, centred around a serial killer, Obadiah Stark (aka The Tally Man), 27 woman killed at the hands of an infamous killer, subsequently tried, convicted and sentenced to death by lethal injection, but that’s not the end. Joe O Connell investigative journalist follows Obadiah from killing spree to trial and execution, but that’s not the end.

Obadiah’s crimes are unforgiveable, death inevitable, his suffering is just the beginning.

David McCaffrey writes about the Afterlife, Mortality and the Death Penalty but gives absolutely no indication of his views on each subject matter, leaving the reader the opportunity to form their own opinions. Hellbound is a well versed book which will blow your mind, keep you thinking and wanting more.


Another piece of writing David has penned, In Extremis a short Novella (a prequel to Hellbound). A short Novella which is very informative and insightful with historical values that bring to the forefront the original master serial killer Jack the Ripper and an organisation called the Brethren, who in future years are the reason Obadiah Stark exists. In Extremis recalls the legacy of James Maybrick (aka Jack the Ripper) from 1888 and Thomas Quinn who seeks revenge on James for a brutal murder, but his actions cause the origin of the Brethren.

Years later Maybricks diary emerges and shocks the world. The combination of all which occurred in history a new serial killer is born.

Hellbound and In Extremis are both wonderfully written and leave the reader looking for more, both are must reads in my book. Looking forward to the next instalment from David McCaffrey, which I believe is March.


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