Books, Coffee and the Cat

Well this is my very first try at writing a blog, hopefully not too awful for all reading.

I decided that if enjoy reading books that I should at least give others a chance to read them as well. I believe that all authors old and new should be given a chance to shine.

My love of books came as a child, it was a past time that my whole family did, we didn’t all read the same books, it was very varied. My parents read war and western, I took to crime, psychological, supernatural and horror. Stephen King my biggest love of all. I have grown up from a young teen to a mature adult reading Stephen’s books. Over the years I have branched out and read loads of different authors, Harlen Coben, Karin Slaughter, Linwood Barclay amongst others.

Hopefully my reviews on books I’ve read will interest others and inspire you to read new and old authors or even a new genre.

Over the next few days I will put a blog online about David McCaffrey author of Hellbound and In Extremis.

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